Sales figures just plain wrong!

Discussion in 'News Comments' started by DarkUnderlord, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. DarkUnderlord

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    Nov 10, 2001
    According to <a href="">some bloke who's seen a cheque</a>, the sales figures on Troika's games in that article below this one are just all wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong!
    <br><blockquote>This is incorrect. By a signficant factor. I was there when the royalty checks came in, and Arcanum did much better than that. I do not think the publisher would have written checks for copies that they hadn't sold.
    <br>I never heard a final number on ToEE, as I wasn't directly involved in it, but the number I recall for its first-month sales was more than this article claims it did overall.
    <br>I do not know any numbers on Vampire.</blockquote>
    <br>There's also this reason offered:
    <br><blockquote>And don't forget NPD only covers _roughly_ 60% of the North American market and nothing outside of US and Canada. I say roughly for two reasons:
    <br>1) They don't cover WalMart. My undrestanding is they extrapolate WalMart sales based on hand stock counts by NPD staff at 8 local Wal Marts to NPD.
    <br>2) When they claim to cover 60% of the market, do they mean 60% of gross unit volume, gross revenue, specific retailers, shelf space inches, or what? It's all very unclear, and I'm kinda in the know on these things. I've never had a straight answer from anybody I've every asked from marketing guru to Vice President of whosi-whatsis.
    <br>Point of data: On one of our games, NPD listed 179k units. Our royalty report from the publisher listed nearly 400k units. Using the traditional extrapolation of 60%, that's sales of 252k units to 400k units. Though my publisher may have artificially elevated their financial obligations to us in their royalty report, for some reason I doubt it.
    <br>Here's another few words along with steam that call NPD stats into question:
    <br>Amazon,,, etc.</blockquote>
    <br>In short, nobody seems to have a clue just how many sales of anything have been made, nobody's actually willing to offer a figure they can back up and the figures we do have are allegedly only half the real deal. Go figure. At this point I'm wondering "Who cares?". It's quite clear that whatever the sales were, they simply weren't enough to whet a publisher's appetite.
    <br>In case you missed it, Leon's also been interviewed about the demise of Troika.
    <br><a href="">Computer Games Magazine</a> have an interview and so does <a href="">GameSpy</a>.
    <br>Spotted at <a href="">No Mutants Allowed</a>
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