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Remembering fun momments in Bloodlines!

Discussion in 'Vampire Discussion' started by McKedy, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. GarlandWolf

    GarlandWolf New Member

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    Jan 31, 2014
    You guys only mention the hotel, I'll admit it was spooky and scary but nothing surpass the cold chill I had when during night time and everyone asleep in the house I went through hollywood. First playthrough as Tremere and after I went to Ginger Swan to pick up the tape... first time I saw the tape and the Tzimisce's offspring...

    I was so unnerved and when the first one appears breaking the door in the internet cafe... I had a really bad time during hollywood just because of those anoying creeps... nowadays after 21 playthroughs I don't give BS about them.
  2. NamelessOne

    NamelessOne New Member

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    Mar 22, 2013
    Yeah, Malkavian playthrough is really the best thing this game has to offer. I really regret I didn't try it back in 2004. Bad thing is that you will never enjoy other clans after it though. It is just so much fun. Also ironically "insane" dialogue tends to be more "sane" and makes plot easier (in my opinion) to understand than normal dialogue due to Malkavian forecasting abilities giving you insight into events that are about to unfold.
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