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Discussion in 'News Comments' started by Dragoon, Oct 10, 2004.

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    Jul 27, 2001
    <a href="">Circle of Eight</a> released <a href="">new Fan Patch</a> bringing ToEE to version 3.0.4 and fixing a whole lot of things. <a href="">Download</a>

    <blockquote>Known Bugs:
    o Dimension Door does not allow transport of other characters
    o Temporary/Semi-permanent stat bonuses do not add to spells/day
    (this is actually a real pain, because as far as I can tell, there's no
    damned good way to figure out when to remove spells that are no longer known)
    (okay, this is possible, now I just have to figure out how to hijack things
    so that everytime any of your stats changes, all your spells are recalculated.)

    Features to Ignore:
    o Quarterstaff can not be used as a double weapon
    o Monks can not use unarmed strikes in replacement of their on-hand attacks
    o Flurry of Blows won't work if you're using non-monk weapons
    o Wizards should be able to non-spontaneously memorize spells using undischarged
    spell slots (+ 15 minute wait.)
    o It'd be nice if the memorization list had those nifty meta-magic colored ball thingies

    Core Changes, Modifications, and Fixes:
    o duggelz's level uncapper installed in this version.
    o Npc's level up as PC's installed in this version.

    o Halflings should now get the +4 Hide modifier due to small size
    o Skill Focus(Perform), Skill Focus(Survival), Skill Focus(Tumble),
    Skill Focus(Use Device) should work and give +3 modifiers to the appropriate skill
    o You should no longer be able to take Power Attack at creation if you have a
    Strength of 12 (or any other strength dependent skill.)
    o You should no longer be able to take Quick Draw at creation if you do not
    have a BAB of +1.
    o Greater Flurry (well, the improved version of Flurry of Blows at level 11)
    should now work.
    o Ki Strike should now add the adamantium damage type at level 16.
    o Open hand damage for large sized monks should be correctly calculated.
    o Unarmed Damage for non-monk enlarged medium sized creatures should now be 1d4.
    (May have been 1d3 before. Not sure.)
    o Monk and Barbarian Fast Movement bonuses split. Monk Fast Movement bonus is treated
    as an enhancement bonus (as per PHB 3.5), and thus does not stack with Haste or
    Expeditious Retreat. Barbarian Fast Movement is treated as an unnamed bonus, and thus
    stacks with Expeditious Retreat. Haste does not work correctly with it yet.
    o Diamond Body added. (Copy of Venom Immunity)
    o Diamond Soul added. (Modded version of Spell Resistance)
    o Abundant Step feat name added. (Doesn't do anything)
    o Quivering Palm feat name added. (Doesn't do anything)
    o Empty Body feat name added. (Doesn't do anything)
    o Perfect Self feat name added. (Doesn't do anything)
    o Base intelligence now used for calculating skill points.
    o Odd bug with regards to raising intelligence on level up - would occassionally
    not give you an extra skill point even if you should've gotten one - but required
    that you had previously selected another stat as your attribute to be raised,
    and then selected intelligence. Should be fixed.
    o Half point skill ranks should now display correctly in the level up dialog.
    o Class skills of cleric domains are now properly treated as actual class skills when
    leveling up cleric.
    o Class skills of cleric domains are now always correctly treated as class skills
    for the purposes of calculating the maximum rank possible, even when not leveling
    up cleric.
    o Can now increase the rank of non-class skills of the class being leveled up to
    the maximum rank possible if the skill is a class skills of another of your classes.
    o Barbarians now retain their +10 movement while wearing medium armor.
    o Barbarians no longer maintain their +10 movement while heavily encumbered.
    o Monk special abilities (Flurry of Blows, Monk AC Bonuses, and Fast Movement) no longer
    apply while monks are medium or heavily encumbered.
    o Monk/Barbarians (all two of them) will still get their +10 movement even while wearing
    armor. I think. I didn't actually have a Monk/Barbarian to test this out with.
    o Stunning Fist now has (monk_level) + (non_monk_levels / 4) charges per, well...
    rest period, probably. Used to be (level) number of charges.
    o Selecting an attribute to improve during level up will now clear your feat selection
    choices. This was done as the simplest way to avoid invalid feat selections. (I.e.,
    raise your strength to 13, pick power attack, and then raise some other attribute.)
    o Can no longer raise skills if you have negative skill points. (Okay, it didn't happen
    that often, and it wouldn't actually let you finish leveling up if you did have
    negative skill points, but it was still a bug.)
    o Flurry of Blows no longer works with a non-monk weapon wielded in the off hand
    - on further consideration, I'm removing this - according to the 3.5 FAQ, it should
    work. Heck, Flurry of Blows should work even if the primary weapon is a non-monk
    o Power Attack will only apply the attack penalties if you are wielding a non-light
    weapon, or your primary attack is unarmed. Theoretically, if monks are ever capable
    of doing unarmed strikes even while armed, Power Attack should more or less always be
    on, but they're not, so it's not. Now to fix damage.
    o Power Attack should apply a x1 damage bonus to unarmed attacks and one-handed weapons
    when either an off-hand weapon is used or a shield is used. Light weapons get no
    damage bonus, and any other case gets a x2 damage bonus.
    o Weapon Focus, Weapon Finesse, and other skills that rely upon a weapon proficiency
    will now recognize new weapon proficiencies you pick up when you multi-class into
    another class.
    o Rapid Reload and any other feats (are there any?) that rely upon having a crossbow
    proficiency are now selectable when you multi-class into any other class than a druid.
    Druid/fighters rejoice!

    o Haste now provides an enhancement bonus of min(30, target's base speed) to movement.
    This means that it will not stack with Monk's Fast Movement, but will stack with
    Barbarian's Fast Movement. Furthermore, it will no longer cap movement at 2 x base
    speed. Note, that it's the Barbarian's base speed unmodified by Fast Movement that's
    used. Hasted Dwarven Barbarians move at 50.
    o You can now use a higher level spell slot to memorize a spell. Go 20+ magic missiles!
    o The left side of the spell book should now go up to spell level nine. Not that there
    are any level nine spells for you to know. Heck, I don't think there's even a
    chain lightning scroll.
    o Level 5 metamagic feats will no longer be added to the end of the list (down by
    level 9 spells.)
    o Deleteing meta-magiced spells should no longer be as screwy. (The old code only
    overwrote it with the last spell on the spellbook list - this should actually delete
    o Meta-magic effects can now raise a spell to level 9
    o Strength domain added to St. Cuthbert, as per manual
    o Resurrection xp penalties should now work up to level 20.
    o added the meta-magic color balls to spells on the memorization list

    o Rik - The conversation still jumps to 110 when you've acccepted
    the Carpenter's Dilemma quest, but now you can ask Rik about the
    barn, and only then does he mention Filliken's problem (120). If
    you haven't heard about the barn yet, Rik won't mention it either
    o Burne's puzzles (dialogue add in)

    o corrected number of charges for Wand of Fear
    o added OIF NO NPC PICKUP to Bracers +5 and misc wands
    o restored original tutorial weapons and deleted Spugnoir's extr feats
    o Masterwork Maul weapon type (changed from greatclub to warhammer)</blockquote>

    Here's also a little bit of advice due to ToEE&ServicePack2 problems.

    Please Note:
    o Have heard Reports that looting works correctly in Windowed Mode, and there is less "lag".
    Looting did correctly work for me, in window mode, but LAG was not reduced signifigantly.
    You can enable Windowed Mode by adding the "-window" to your shortcut to the game.

    Right click on the shortcut and choose properties, then go to the 'Target' section of it
    and add -window after the quotation marks.
    "C : \ Program Files\Atari\Temple of Elemental Evil\ToEE.exe" -window</blockquote>

    <b>Source:</b> <a href="">RPGCodex</a>
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