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New tiles types

Discussion in 'Modding and Scripting Support' started by Nataku, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. Nataku

    Nataku Member

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    Jun 19, 2011
    Hello. Long time ago...

    Here is my problem : I would like to create news tiles type (for [false] example lava, snowy sand, snowy cobblestones). I could obviously create sceneries and use them, but for large surface 1) It will be long and borring 2) They will now react correctly toward light (or won't react if I tick "don't light").

    Creating the art files was quite simple, they are technically perfect (based on real tiles using Artview). The matter is : how to add them in the game.
    1) I think have have to add it in Art/tilename.mes (see spoiler to see the document)
    // NOTE: any 3-letter tile name prefix can have flags after the
    // name, following a / character. Valid flags are:
    // b - tile blocks critter motion
    // f - tile blocks critter motion but allows flying
    // s - critters sink in this tile
    // i - icy or slippery tile, critters may fall down
    // n - natural (not man-made) tile
    // p - soundproof (or almost so), sounds are deadened thru this tile
    // After the name and any optional flags, put a space and a number. The
    // number is the sound type that footsteps will make on this type of
    // tile. Valid numbers are
    // 0 dirt
    // 1 sand
    // 2 snow
    // 3 stone
    // 4 water
    // 5 wood
    // For clarity, please place a number. If it is missing however, a 0
    // will be assumed.

    // Outdoor flippable tile names start here, at 0
    {0}{drt/n 0} Dirt
    {1}{grs/n 0} Grass
    {2}{rck/n 3} Rocky Ground
    {3}{snw/n2} Snow
    {4}{dg1/n 0} Dead Grass 1
    {5}{bg1/n 0} Bog Shore 1
    {6}{bg2/s/n 4} /s Bog Shore 2
    {7}{bog/s/n 4} /s Bog Water
    {8}{sw1/n 0} Shallow Water 1
    {9}{sw2/s/n 4} /s Shallow Water 2
    {10}{sw3/s/n 4} /s Shallow Water 3
    {11}{swr/s/n 4} /s Shallow Water
    {12}{dwr/f/n 4} /f Deep Water
    {13}{rok/b/n/p 3} /b Solid Rock
    {14}{WK1 3} Side Walk 1
    {15}{WK2 3} Side Walk 2
    {16}{ST1 3} Street1
    {17}{WD3 5} Outdoor Wood Planks
    {18}{Dst/n 1}Desert
    {19}{ssd/n 1}Shallow Sand
    {20}{dIs/n 1}Desert Island
    {21}{Jdt/n 0}Jungle Dirt
    {22}{Jgr/n 0}Jungle Grass
    {23}{SxW/f 0} /f Sea Wall
    {24}{sod/f 4} Outdoor sewer
    {25}{TS1 3} Tarant Street 1
    {26}{TS2 3} Tarant Street 2
    {27}{TDt/n 0} Tordded Dirt
    {28}{Blk/b/p 0} /b Black Yall
    {29}{VDR/n 0} Void Dirt
    {30}{FOG/b} Void Fog

    // Outdoor non-flippable tile names start here, at 100
    {100}{TST 0}
    {101}{Prh 5}
    {102}{Dks 5}
    {103}{TLa 3} Tulla walkways
    {104}{VWK 0}
    {105}{ICE/i/n 3}

    // Indoor flippable tile names start here, at 200
    {200}{fl1 3}
    {201}{wod 5}

    // Indoor non-flippable tile names start here, at 300
    {300}{Dn1 3}
    {301}{WI1 3}
    {302}{Dn2 3}
    {303}{CF1/n 0} Cavern Floor 1
    {304}{WD1 5}
    {305}{Sew/s 4} Sewer Water Floor
    {306}{WD2 5} Dark Wood Floors
    {307}{ILL 0} Illegal Tiles
    {308}{Dir/n 0} Dirt Indoor Floor
    {309}{cf2/n 0}
    {310}{STD 3} //Dungeon Floors
    {311}{VFL 0} //VoidFloors
    {312}{JIN/n 0} //Jungle Dirt inside
    {313}{Blk/b/p 0} /b Black Yall

    // Edges start here, at 400
    // Note you only have to list an edge once. If you add a line
    // called GRSDRT, you don't need a DRTGRS (although it's OK
    // to have it, it's redundant)

    But adding a number 31 (even a copy of a previous line) prevent WorlEd to run. So, where should I add it too ?
    In terrain/terrain.mes ?
    I guess there is other files that I did not found.

    Any idea/solution please ?
    Thanks you
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