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is it possible to use the highres patch 1.1a with the mod WIP6.0?

Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by namad, Dec 21, 2016.

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  1. namad

    namad Member

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    Aug 31, 2006
    WIP6.0 is listed as incompatible with the unofficial patch by drog, and the highres patch requires the unofficial patch yes?

    But one reason WIP6.0 is incompatible is because it includes many of the same features as the unofficial patch but not all. So if I want to run WIP6.0 in a window in HD using the highres patch will that work?

    links relevent to this question: http://www.terra-arcanum.com/forums/index.php?threads/arcanum-wip-6-0-now-available.14734/ http://www.terra-arcanum.com/downloads/arcanum/highres/HighRes1.1a.exe http://www.terra-arcanum.com/downloads/arcanum/rroyo/AWIP6.0.exe
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