I can't travel to the isle of despair

Discussion in 'Arcanum Hints & Tips' started by Francis Huster, Apr 21, 2017.

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  1. Francis Huster

    Francis Huster New Member

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    Apr 21, 2017
    Hello fellow arcanum lovers.
    I recently started a new playthrough and I'm playing an evil mage. After finishing the BMC Mines I went to report to Gilbert Bates. I told him his actions were a "callous betrayal" if i remember the line correctly, he replied that I was a tad bit rude. Things escalated quickly and now Mr Bates' Mansion is quite lifeless. I brought his journal back to Appleby, followed by Arcanum's richest man's animated corpse. Before delivering the journal I used Conjure Spirit on the body and he told me to ask Teach to gain passage for the Isle of Despair. I gave the journal to Appleby which made Bates' remains disappear. Once In Ashbury, I can't mention the Isle of Despair to Teach thus making it impossible to go there.

    I'm using the latest Unofficial Patch.

    What can I do to fix that mess?
  2. Jojobobo

    Jojobobo Well-Known Member

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    May 29, 2011
    Is it definitely Teach you're speaking to? And are you confident you did all the necessaries in the BMC Mines to move the story on? If so, then yeah that's a weird bug. On the tile for your save, it should say whether the game wants you to progress to the Isle of Despair, so that would be a good indicator.

    I would use Virgil's Debug Menu (found here, you can remove the necessary file after the fact if you want) or this random exploit (found here) to try and solve the problem if it is a bug. I don't have much experience with the latter, but people mention they've used it to travel to the Isle of Despair. In any case, Virgil's Menu should work fine if he's still alive in your game - he'll still be at the Crash Site if you never took him on as a follower. Otherwise, and obviously, if you have an earlier save use that - but I guess if you did you probably wouldn't be asking this question.
  3. Vorak

    Vorak Administrator Staff Member

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    Sep 15, 2003
    It's been a long time since I did that quest but isn't it an option to just kill Teach and take the ship yourself?
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