Dungeon of Lords (an epic multiplayer dungeon crawl!)

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Forum' started by werozzi, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Apr 16, 2012
    Dungeon of lords

    This is Dungeon of Lords. an illustrated dungeon crawl, inspired in older RPG's like abandoned places, and most of all, Dungeon master.

    The rules are simple:
    -The party will be made out of four characters, one per person.
    -if more than FOUR individuals are to play, then there can be a shared character.
    -upon a character's death, a new one can take his place.
    -each turn, only one action will be dictated for each character, anything goes.
    -the GM, me, can alter actions in order to keep the game going.
    -if more than TWO turns pass without a character having an action, he will either die or be transferred.
    -minor actions as look or grab doesn't count as one. moving, attacking and the likes do.
    -due to real life, i won't be able to post more than one daily update as if anyone 'round here posted daily...

    -keep it easy, try not to be a hero, remember it is party based.
    -equipment is valuable, there is no need to throw your sword at an enemy.
    -i'm too lazy to count ammunition, thus it is unlimited.
    -looking around, listening and smelling can be vital to avoid or find peril.
    -an action can involve helping a party member.
    -all images are drawn by me, critics are expected and welcome.

    The character sheet is like this:

    -1 weapon proficiency
    -3 varied skills
    -worn clothing
    -3 words to describe character

    There are two types of skills; weapon and varied.

    Weapon proficiencies available:
    -fire magic
    -ice magic

    Varied skills are:
    -Trap disarming
    -beast taming (for making monsters aid you)
    -Blessing (For making powerful undead vanish)
    -Finding (For easy item spotting)
    -cooking (you need to eat, it also makes you able to make elixirs)
    -packing (The ability to arrange your stuff in order to carry more)
    -tinkering (the art of making and using makeshift items, also repairing stuff)
    -orientation (don't you want to get lost!)


    You've all four grown together, thus it is almost no coincidence that you were all born the very same day.
    Your home lies in the small town of Troikanum, where all your life has been spent.
    One of the earlier memories you have, is that one of an old man, who would came monthly from the north and tell you and your friends stories of a lost dungeon, that lied just south of town, a place where many adventurers had found their decease.


    Then, at age ten, during a forest walk, you found a funny creature, it was green, with a short tail, and looked like a little man.
    You and your friends gave him chase, but it was fruitless, for the creature ran for the mountain and sneaked into a stone entrance, it went deep. you headed back to town, without being able to take the image off of your head.


    Ten years have passed, now you're twenty, and after a drunken chatter with your unemployed friends, it is decided that the Dungeon of Lords must be plundered, with hope of making some coin. After all, it's been years since someone stepped foot on it, and anything that lived there should be stone dead by now, so with the remainder of your money, you buy a weapon of your choice, put on your best clothing, fill your backpack with bread taken from the inn and off you go, headed to the legendary Dungeon of Lords.

    For anyone interested, it would be nice to post your character as soon as possible!
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