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  1. Draghkar l'Immortel
    Draghkar l'Immortel
    Glad to have joined the forum, seems like the Arcanum trend will never rest and this is great!
  2. MeowsePad
  3. 13oojum
    The Goddess Prevails.
  4. MeowsePad
  5. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
    Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
    Now seeks knowledge of vampires and there clan quests.
  6. TopsyTurve
    New around this part of town, glad to join!
  7. Jojobobo
    The below image was supposed to look like the tip of a penis, I failed :-(
  8. Jojobobo
    ….…...……._¸„„„„_ ..…...„--~*'¯…....….'\ ...… („-~~--„¸_….,/ì'Ì .¸„-^"¯ : : : : :¸-¯"¯/' "¯ : : : : : : : '\¸„„,-": : : : : : : : : :¸-"
  9. Dark Elf
    Dark Elf
    Whoah, we have a chat!
  10. ytzk
    bitches, please.
  11. on1ondevelopment
    I'd love a cup of green tea, but it's for the foreign constitution...
  12. UweWesens
    Just watched Deep Impact the first time, not exactly a masterpiece, but still good. And they get their science right!
  13. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
    Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
    is taken by a Fel Mood.
  14. Arthgon
    Feel like Zog at this moment here.
    1. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      Is that the Orky one?
      Mar 17, 2017
    2. Arthgon
      Actually it is from the Ultima games. Zog was once a wizard (who lived in ancient Sosaria) who used the Armageddon spell from the Xorinite Wisp out of curiosity. It caused to wipe out the whole world except for him. Leaving him all alone.

      When I posted the status I was still the only one who was here on HoL. at that time.
      Mar 27, 2017
  15. papa_dog_1999
    *points at 'csgomarketplace' and screeches à la Donald Sutherland in 'Body Snatchers'*
  16. HeWhoLoves
    Does using a proxy prevent you from replying to posts?
  17. on1ondevelopment
    Upcoming next: Harm-spamming! Spam the hell outta Harm! Yes, kill everything with Harm! Buy Harm today and receive a free Fatigue Restore!
    1. papa_dog_1999 likes this.
    2. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      I bought Harm, but I hated it. Now I use Bullet Hell for all my spam needs.
      Boycott Harm!
      Apr 3, 2016
    3. on1ondevelopment
      You dare, sir? *Assigns Harm to a hotbar slot*
      Apr 26, 2016
    4. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      I dare. *uses the Energizer, Mind Marvel, Revitalizer, and Haste potion that were already on the hotbar, loads Tesla Gun*
      Apr 26, 2016
  18. Zanza
    Zanza like tea!
  19. papa_dog_1999
    Four score and seven operating systems ago, there was the typewriter which brought forth on this world a new coding language...
  20. ytzk
    Very Lords! Wow!!
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