Current Version: 2.0.2


For a long time Arcanum was seen as one of the buggiest cRPGs. Although there were some fix packs floating on the internet, most of them were poorly done and not compatible with each other. A complete and tested community patch was needed. A pure patch that just polishes the game without adding any questionable content or changing the gameplay in any significant way.

I decided to make such project a reality. I've been replaying the game many times, fixing a lot of bugs, omissions, inconsistencies. The problem was that one man simply can't find all the bugs on his own. But with the great help of so many fans from all across the globe this patch was made a reality.

And if you're wondering who I am, I'm just a long time fan of the game. When I decided to start this project, I spent time researching the game, learning how it works. It's been a long way, but now I've accumulated a great deal of information on the game and its internal workings, including basics of the engine and most file formats.


The patch consists of several modules:



Unofficial Arcanum Patch 2.0.2 (485 MB)


NOTE: A great deal of typos and various mistakes have been corrected and many dialogs have been proofread. Numerous incorrect and missing item descriptions have been fixed as well.


- Fixed bug.
- Restored content/feature. Something that was omitted/forgotten/disabled/censored is restored.
- Improved content/feature. Something was improved objectively.
- Changed content/feature. Something was changed subjectively to make the game more coherent.
- Added content/feature. Something was added to make the game more coherent.


Version 080415
Version 080420
Version 080425
Version 080502
Version 080510
Version 080523
Version 080604
Version 080612
Version 080626
Version 080708
Version 080823
Version 081004
Version 081229
Version 091225
Version 191001 (1.5)
Version 191004 (1.5.1)
Version 200215 (2.0.0)
Version 200526 (2.0.1)
Version 200611 (2.0.2)

Version 080415

Restored race icons for Dark Elves, Ogres and Orcs.
Fixed the art for Elixir of Hypnotic Suggestion.
Fixed Alexander's dialog and dying script. This allows for properly getting his ending.
Added a missing line to Nasrudin's dialog.
Fixed issues with Kraka-tur's journal and Kraka-tur's dialog. Now you have an option to shame him if you have read the journal, and he also properly recognizes both his journal and eye.
Fixed mixed up responses for dummies in Pollock's dialog.
Fixed Surly Virgil's dialog. Now he properly leaves the party and has a proper response when made to wait for too long.
Fixed Virgil's dialog so that he now recognizes the Crash Site and tells the PC about it when asked.
Fixed a mistake in generic NPC class responses.
Restored the original HEF2 (Half Elf Female 2) and NPCJay (Jayna Stiles) portraits.
Fixed mixed up palettes for Large Wool Jacket and Heavy Rags.
Fixed Dark Helm. Its effects are no longer permanent.
Fixed Black Stone Blade. Its effects are no longer permanent.
Fixed the exit of Stone Cutter Clan script. Now it teleports you to the proper location.
Dark Elves now have base WP of 9 (since their WP cap is hardcoded at 21).
Ogres and Orcs stats are tweaked a bit to match their brethren races. Ogres get +20% DR, while Orcs receive +2 to Melee and Dodge.
Ogres and Orcs are no longer considered monster. They had monster flags most likely only because their race icons were lost. The flags were added very late in development, and they were causing problems, such as wrong unarmed damage calculation.
Kerghan's attacks now do proper damage.
Naked Halfling is now considered undead, and his attacks do proper damage.
Added large Basic and Bronze Platemails, large and small Dragon Skin Leathers, small Dread Armor, normal and small Dark, Bronze and Red Barbarian Armor to shops.
Fixed issues with Dweomer Shield and Reflection Shield spells. They no longer work on mind controlled creatures (this includes summoned ones), thus the permanent follower glitch is no longer possible.
Drog Black Tooth now has a proper race.
Ivory and Whysper in Qintarra now have proper races.
Restored the missing floating animation for Silver Lady. Fixed some of her stats as well.
Race fixes for almost all guards in T'sen-Ang. (They were Elves instead of Dark Elves.)
Void NPCs: Gorgoth and Kraka-tur now have proper monster flags and proper custom damage. Bane of Kree is leveled up, Arronax now has a proper race (no longer human).
Race fixes for three dwarves in the Wheel Clan.
Race fixes for Orc Bandit in the Boil, two Dark Elf Guards outside of T'sen-Ang, Bunny at Madam Lil's, Halfling Villager in Shrouded Hills, Elf Thief, Half Ogre Bandit and Halfling Bandit on the Isle of Despair, Willoughsby (first appearance, with Smythe), Ogre Bandit at the Crash Site.
Evil Joachim at the docks is leveled up to match the one at the city entrance when you walk to Caladon on your own. (Yes, there are two of them, you get one based on how you get to Caladon)
Fixed stats of 10 Orc Berserkers in the Boil, proper gender and soundbanks now.
Fixed stats of Stringy Pete and his crew: they no longer do 0 damage if disarmed and have proper soundbanks.
Hushed Revolver is now silent. That is, it can only be heard within 2 tiles.
Added a missing line to Simeon Tor's dialog.
A medical arachnid made by the player is now fully functional.
Machined Plate now gives a proper strength bonus.
Fixed Nasrudin's dialog for dummies.
Fixed Magnus' dialog, added a global flag which affects Thorvald's dialog.
Swyft now properly disbands in Tarant in all cases.
Now you can properly accept Swyft's quest with a high haggle skill.
All methods to become a friend of Molochean Hand now work properly.
Creep Armor now gives a bonus to backstab, just as the description says.
Fixed wrong haggle conditions and missing global flags in the dialog of the Molochean Hand Agent at Shrouded Hills.
Fixed the Master Mage of Water's dialog for dummies, now the former student appears in front of the gates in this case as well.
Fixed Weldo Rubin's dialog, now he waits, disbands and rejoins properly.
Fixed Weldo Rubin's stats, added an auto-leveling scheme, so he can level up properly.
Revolver Parts now have proper art.
Small Robe of the Chameleon now has proper art.
Restored the music track for Tarant Sewers.
Geoffrey and Perriman's dialogs and scripts are fixed, now you can have them both in your group if you're a master of persuasion and have 20 charisma.
Fixed Simeon Tor's dialog, now he properly recognizes both Perriman and Geoffrey.
Maxim now recognizes parts for Mechanized Gun and builds one for you.
Restored the original dialog for Nicholas the Bartender at Madam Lil's (this dialog is a bit raunchy and was probably removed because of censorship).
Magick Beans now work properly.
It's no longer possible to pick up hostile automatons and make them your followers.
You can no longer sell the real Stillwater Giant's pelt to H.T. Parnell more than once.

Version 080420

Added points in the bow skill to Tattered Bowman, Kite Bowman and Insectress Hunter.
Added points in the melee, dodge, bow and firearms skills to various NPCs in random encounters, such as Molochean Hand assassins, orcish bandits and bounty hunters.
Fixed mixed up names for various types of barbarian armor.
Added the missing ground art for Magic and Mystic Great Swords.
The Master of firearms now tells you that the monastery of Halcyon Order is in Vooriden (not Roseborough) and marks the location on your map as well.
Fixed problems with Hexed Dagger in Bessie Toon's mine.
Fixed Master Mage of Water's inventory (his Arcane Staff was lying at his feet).
Shadowing Robe and Robe of the Chameleon now have a +2 (not 5) prowling bonus.
Medallion of Silence now works properly.
Fixed some conditions in the dialog of a half-ogre guarding the painting.
Kite Sword doesn't have technological complexity anymore.
Fixed Charming Medallion and Ring of Poison Resistance.
Normal and small Barbarian Clothes are no longer considered technological.
Stiletto no longer has any technological complexity.
Fixed some problems with Magnus' dialog. Now he gets angry and won't join you anymore if you negotiated with the Schuylers.
Fixed a broken sector in New Tarant Sewers which was playing the Arcanum main theme as its ambient track, thus interrupting the correct music track.
Some parts of the canal in Tarant were walkable. Now it's fixed.
Fixed the ground art for Auto Skeleton Key.
Fixed a crash when accessing inventory of the guard in front of a warehouse in the Boil.
Six missing endings are now obtainable. These are Death's Champion, Righteous Hero, Just God, Dark God, Quiet God and Undecided God.
Large Oiled Thieves Leather now has correct art.
Worn Ladies Boots now use correct art.
Worn Ladies Boots and Fancy Ladies Boots now give proper damage resistance.
The slaves which Kerghan summons in the final battle no longer attack him.
Fixed the dialog of Ashbury's guards. Due to a typo in the file name it wasn't accessible.

Version 080425

Screaming Shield now works properly.
Fixed the townmaps for Black Root and Kree.
Fixed music issues in Thieves Cave. A music track was set as an ambient track and was interfering with the correct one.
Fixed issues with Mysterious Apparition.
Removed duplicated lines in Prince Farad's dialog.
Officer's Uniform now uses correct art.
Absinthe and Brandy will now get you drunk, the same as the other types of alcohol.
Fixed Tulla's townmap. Now shows correct gates in the center.
Fixed wrong conditions in Vollinger's dialog.
Fixed Large Electro-Armor's weight. Now it's the same as Large Basic Platemail.
Orcish thugs will no longer have Potassium Nitrate (which is an unfinished item) in their inventory.
A dock worker in Ashbury now has a proper race.
Fixed bad art in the townmaps for Black Mountain Clan and Iron Clan.
Dwarven Ore, Iron Ore and Pure Ore now have correct ground art.
Fixed an infinite money loop in Gilbert Bates' dialog for dummies.
Fixed bad art in Wheel Clan's townmap.
Fixed various problems with Great Aunt Ester's Amulet.
Fixed wrong conditions in Benjamin Gershwin's dialog, and now he also gives you the skulls back when agreed to.
Mr. Rolland now has proper art in his first appearance (doesn't look like a dwarf anymore) and the description shows his name.
Fixed music issues in the Sobbing Onion's basement. A music track was set as an ambient track and was interfering with the correct one.
Restored Virgil's "override" dialogs (those include a healing dialog, responses to orders, waiting/joining responses, combat taunts, etc). Now his dialog fully changes to a respective good/evil one when you leave T'sen-Ang.
A turned over boat in Ashbury's docks can no longer be walked over.
Fixed Gladys' dialog. Now she won't take the ring when she is not supposed to.
Fixed conditions in Matt de Cesare's dialog. Now the line "I gave the skulls to someone else" will disappear if you've already retrieved them.
Fixed the ground art for Top Hat and Chapeau of Magnetic Inversion.
Cynthia Boggs now uses her own portrait.
Balanced Boomerang can now be bought from quality blacksmiths.
Quality Revolver can now be bought from gunsmiths.
Now you get the "Survivor of the crash of the I.F.S. Zephyr" reputation if you sell your story to the Tarantian.
Now you get a reputation for mastering each skill (except thieving ones).

Version 080502

Fixed alignment issues with two barbarians in Kree.
Rural smiths now sell and buy both Barbarian Clothes and Bronze Barbarian Clothes (any size). However, in multiplayer it's the quality smiths who sell and buy this armor.
Fixed wrong PC responses in the dialog for Tarant guards.
Fixed wrong conditions in the dialog of the Mayor of Black Root.
Charles Brehgo now properly attacks you if resurrected.
A half ogre in Caladon's sewers is no longer resurrectable.
Fixed the Pervert of Tarant reputation, now it gives proper -25 reaction from everyone in Tarant.
Stringy Pete will no longer appear until either you take a look at Salty Seadrick's map or Edward Teach tells you about him.
Fixed the infinite fate point exploit in Kree.
Min Gorad now uses a correct portrait.
Fixed Torian Kel's dialog script. Now his dialog lines won't float above every creature in vicinity when you resurrect him.
Fixed conditions in Theo Brightstart's dialog. Now when you make him angry by destroying the boulders, only one line will be available. Also, one line was leading to a wrong response.
Fixed Whysper's dialog, 3 lines were leading to wrong responses.
Now it's impossible to access Wrath spirit's quest only dialog if you kill him yourself.
Thrayne Iron Heart now no longer goes to bed, also now he checks your disarm traps skill before training you.
The Wheel Clan smith now has points in the repair skill (and the expert training), so he doesn't break items anymore.
Added a missing origin to some dwarves in the Wheel Clan.
Fixed stats of Chukka, now he uses a correct soundbank.
Fixed stats of Drog Black Tooth, now he uses a correct soundbank.
Fixed wrong factions for two citizens in Ashbury. They will no longer attack you on sight if you are an enemy of Clan Maug.
Fixed broken lines in King Praetor's dialog.
You can no longer sell Bessie Toone's boot to H.T. Parnell more than once.
Delores Beston is no longer resurrectable.
Silent Robes use a correct inventory art now.
Race fixes for K'an Hua and his door guards.
Fixed two broken lines in Edwin Wallows' dialog, which were leading to wrong responses.
Removed a duplicated line in Gideon Laier's dialog.
Elementals and will-o-wisps now don't make blood splotches when struck.
Fixed inconsistencies with many descriptions. Terms like "Damage", "Fatigue" etc are now replaced with corresponding acronyms, i.e. "D", "FT" etc.
Fixed a broken line in K'an Hua's dialog (at the Ring of Brodgar).
Fixed a line leading to a wrong response in Magnus' dialog.
K'an Hua's door guards now have negative alignment.
The dark elf at Dark Elf Camp now has a correct race and description and is no longer resurrectable.
Teleportation from Dernholm Pits is now disallowed. It was causing problems with Tollo Underhill's dialog.
Fixed issues with the ending where Magnus becomes King of the Dwarves.

Version 080510

Fixed the Paralysis Grenade schematic, now it uses correct components.
Fixed stats of the Telegraph Operator in Tarant and Wino Whitewash: correct soundbanks now.
Blade of Xerxes which the adventurers fetch for you now uses correct art.
A dead body in Gorgoth's Pass and a skeleton in Wolf Cave are no longer resurrectable.
Vincent now has negative alignment and is no longer resurrectable.
Fixed a broken line in Gildor Nightwalk's dialog.
Sprite mirroring is disabled, the game now uses all 8 rotations for every creature (the number of animations is almost doubled).
Updated WorldEd: turned off sprite mirroring, fixed some wrong window sizes (they were too small to show all flags), fixed some typos. Note: this is based on WorldEd
A Dark Elf Bandit in Dernholm Pits now has a correct race.
A half ogre Molochean Hand agent in Stillwater and Gideon Laier now have negative alignment.
If you have Chukka in your party and ask him to wait somewhere while you go and kill Bates, Chukka will now attack you on sight.
Edward Teach won't appear in Black Root if you killed him in Ashbury or on the Isle of Despair. Killian Drake and his cronies won't appear in this case as well.
The Magick-Tech penalty icon now has its own art.
Fixed the ending where Maximillian returns to Cumbria, but Lianna Pel Dar is dead. Now it uses the correct sound clip.
Now you can give the pistol to Cynthia Boggs in all cases.
Lorria now gives you the pistol in all cases.
Ashbury's guards don't give blank rumors anymore.
Caladon citizens don't give blank dialogs in late game anymore.
Dragarons now have soundbanks.
Magick Ring from Uncharted Cave is now usable.
Removed visual artifacts from all penalty icons.
Fixed problems with Kietzel Pierce's dialog. Now you get different dialog options if you lie to him about the bow.
An infinite XP loop in Jason C. Guy's dialog is now fixed.
Kietzel Pierce and Clarissa Shalmo now actually have master training in their respective skills.
Dagger of Pain and Bow of Ecclesiastes no longer have an empty spell menu.
Teleportation to/from the Half Ogre Island is disallowed.
Ring of Protection now gives a DR+10 bonus, as its description says.
Removed a broken line from Raven's dialog.
Mrs. Morgan's quest now gets botched if you kill JT, and she attacks you on sight if you speak to her again.
Mrs. Morgan's lines don't get repeated if you already have the quest.
Mrs. Morgan won't mention JT's quest if you killed him before taking it.
Fixed stats of Mrs. Morgan: now she has a correct soundbank.
Witch's Dagger doesn't have an empty spell menu anymore.
Fixed a bug with getting infinite fate points by killing and resurrecting Gilbert Bates.
Added a missing script and an internal name to Kerghan's journal. This affects several lines in Gideon Laier's dialog.
Bullors' crate now disappears from the docks once you use it.
Fixed a mistake in Virgil's response about the Crash Site.
When Adkin Chambers is healed and leaves Stillwater it now affects the number of citizens, so now it's possible to get the Butcher of Stillwater reputation in this case as well.
The conversation between Gilbert Bates and Loghaire Thunder Stone is restored.

Version 080523

Removed unnecessary blocking tiles in Wolf Cave, so now it's possible to reach the corpse.
Loghaire in exile now has a correct portrait.
Technical manuals are now readable.
Fixed music issues in Mannox's Hole.
Torian Kel's Ancestral Sword doesn't have an empty spell menu anymore.
Nasrudin now kills K'an Hua at the Ring of Brodgar in all cases.
Removed a broken line in Perriman Smythe's dialog, also fixed his response about the Void.
Fixed wrong conditions for a response about Kerghan in the dialogs of Perriman Smythe, Geoffrey Tarellond-Ashe, Raven, Magnus and Franklin Payne.
Fixed several mistakes in the dialog of Loghaire in the Iron Clan.
Fixed wrong conditions in Arronax's dialog.
Fixed several problems with Kerghan's scripts. First, now he won't be hostile to your party members when you persuade him to surrender, thus letting you finish the game without fighting him. Second, he won't be summoning the slaves if you've either joined him or persuaded him to surrender.
Gurin Rockharrow is now properly leveled up and has master training in gambling.
Fixed problems with one of D'ak Taan's henchmen.
Fixed Gorgoth's dialog. Now you get a different set of lines once you know that the enemy is Kerghan, not Arronax.
Fixed problems with the chicken's soundbank.
Restored missing special effects for Wall of Stone, Wall of Fire, Wall of Force spells and Fire Obstruction.
Horace McGinley's corpse now has a correct race.
Fixed Dante's AI so that he no longer acts like a ranged fighter.
Added a missing line for dummies to Caleb Malloy's dialog.
Half Elf PCs now use elven art instead of human's, just like all Half Elf NPCs.
Fixed a mistake in Virgil's dialog (after seeing Joachim's telegram).
Fixed a line leading to a wrong response in Constable Owens' dialog.
Fixed a dummy response and some wrong conditions in Arvid Millstone's dialog.
It's no longer possible to give Cassie's necklace to Madam Lil more than once.
Fixed wrong conditions for dummy responses in Madam Lil's dialog.
You can no longer ask Ristezze about Schuylers as a dummy and get XP more than once.
Herkemer Oggdoddler now properly takes 500 coins for training you in the melee skill.
Fixed wrong conditions in Garret Almstead's dialog.
Fixed stats of the bank robbers: correct soundbanks now.
Fixed Sogg Mead Mug's dialog, now it's possible to ask him questions as a dummy as well.
Fixed wrong conditions and added a missing line for dummies in Mr. Plough's dialog.
Fixed the dialog of the half orc bandit to whom you must deliver the note from the dark elf in the Wellington Club. Now the note is properly transferred in the case of a dummy as well.
Fixed wrong female lines in Magnus' dialog.
Tollo Underhill won't appear in Dernholm Pits if you don't have the quest.
Fixed several broken lines in Theodore's dialog.
Fixed Theodore's script, now he recognizes if one of your followers is wearing his armor.
Fixed stats of a female Gnome Noble in the Ashbury's town hall: a correct soundbank now.
Fixed two repeatable lines for dummies in Constable Owens' dialog.
The line about work won't appear in Gildor Nighwalk's dialog if you already have his quest.
Restored the original art for Daniel Hallaway's strongbox, the map of Tarantian sewers and Tollo Underhill's map.
Added two missing lines to the dialog of the guard at the Isle of Despair.
Fixed several broken lines in Laura's dialog.
Added a missing line for dummies to William Bench's dialog.
Now once you get the information about Renford A. Terwilliger from the Hall of Records clerk you can no longer ask it again.
Fixed two repeatable lines for dummies in the librarian's dialog.
Fixed wrong conditions in Pollock's door guard's dialog.
Fixed a mistake in Daniel Hallaway's dialog.
Fixed wrong conditions for low reaction lines in Mrs. Cameron's dialog.
Fixed several broken lines in Hadrian's dialog. Also added two missing lines for dummies.
Kietzel Pierce's quest now gets botched if you lie to him about the bow.
Fixed a line for dummies in Nasrudin's dialog.
City tailors now buy both Elegant Dresses and "Sunday's Best" Dresses.
Fixed repeatable lines for dummies in Weldo Rubin's dialog.
Nature's Wrath Helm now has a perception penalty, like all the other helmets in the game.
Added a line for females to Maximillian's dialog.
Fixed two broken lines and added two missing lines for dummies in Arronax's dialog.

Version 080604

Fixed 11 broken lines in Kerghan's dialog.
Fixed two broken lines in Percival Toone's dialog. This fixes the problems with him not giving you the quest and not talking to you anymore.
Fixed repeatable lines in Ryan Sanders' dialog.
Fixed wrong conditions in the librarian's dialog.
Automatons now have soundbanks.
Fixed problems with Albert giving you the gem. Fixed repeatable lines in his dialog as well.
Fixed repeatable lines in Randver's dialog.
Fixed 10 broken lines in Nasrudin's dialog. No more repeatable dialog or duplicated lines.
Replaced a completely wrong line (different from VO) in Loghaire's dialog.
Simeon Tor's portals can no longer be used by powerful technologists.
Fixed two mistakes in Gildor Nightwalk's dialog.
Fixed a mistake in the generic pub thug's dialog.
Fixed a mistake in Richard Leeks' dialog.
Fixed two broken lines in Raven's dialog.
Fixed several broken lines for low reaction characters in Caladon's telegraph operator's dialog.
Fixed a broken line in Lianna Pel Dar's dialog.
WorldEd: made the magic/tech aptitude slider bigger, so now it's possible to set a more precise value. Also, fixed a few typos.
Added missing origins to four Dwarf Villagers in the Wheel Clan.
Vegard Moltenflow now has expert training in Spotting Traps.
A Gnome Villager in Roseborough's Gift Shop now has the correct gender.
Fixed stats of a Halfling Villager in Roseborough: a correct soundbank now.
Fixed a broken line in the generic herbalist's dialog.
Added missing soundbanks to some of orc prototypes (including the Orc Grunt used in Summoning college).
Fixed the teleportation visual effects when Nasrudin teleports from Thanatos to the Ring of Brodgar.
Fixed the teleportation visual effects when K'an Hua teleports to the Panarii temple after being betrayed.
Fixed the townmap for the Sobbing Onion's basement.
Added a female line to Richard Leeks' dialog.
Fixed a female line in Willoughsby's dialog.
Fixed 6 female lines in Heinrich Jenks' dialogs.
The prison warden in Ashbury's prison now opens a corresponding door once you post bail for either of the prisoners.
If you destroy either of the doors in Ashbury's prison, a corresponding prisoner now becomes aware that he's free.
Once you free either of the prisoners, they now walk out of the prison and disappear.
Fixed several wrong conditions in Guido Lightouch and Jerrold Aymes' dialogs.
The Dark Elf assassin in Ashbury doesn't have a generic dialog anymore.
Adkin Chambers is now actually blind (DX1, PE1) until you give him the potion. Fixed some other problems with his scripts as well.
Adkin Chambers now has master training in Dodge.
Clockwork Decoy now uses its own soundbank.
Surly Virgil no longer talks about Alexander as you enter the Panarii temple in Caladon.
Fixed a broken female line in the Master Mage of Morph's dialog.
Fixed stats of a female Dark Elf Bandit in Dernholm Pits: correct soundbank and portrait now.
Fixed stats of a female Dark Elf Bandit in Elven Ruins: correct description, race, soundbank, stats and portrait now.
Fixed three broken lines (two of which were leading to a crash) in Salty Seadrick's dialog and script.
Fixed problems with three guards in the Panarii Temple in Caladon. Removed wrong scripts and dialogs, fixed their art and origins, and added missing armor.
Fixed several wrong conditions in Thorvald's dialog and script.
Fixed two mistakes in female lines in Gorrin's dialog.
Darian Maug's name is now consistent in all cases.
Fixed various problems with the Caladon negotiations and Farad's assassination quests. Now Vernon won't appear in the kitchen if you haven't accepted Heinrich Jenks' quest. Also, the crate in the docks won't become usable once you've spoken with Renard.
Fixed problems with the kitchen's door in the Caladon Castle. Now the guard opens it for you if you're in the middle of the negotiations quest (have accepted the quest but not finished it yet). Also, the door now works properly if you steal the key from the guard or pick the lock.
Joining Kerghan as a dummy without Arronax in the party now works properly.
Zen Virgil now doesn't attack you if you choose to join Kerghan. Surly Virgil, however, now attacks you in this case.
Fixed two money loops with selling the painting to Thaddeus Mynor.
Surly Virgil no longer talks with Nasrudin.
K'an Hua's door now works properly.

Version 080612

Gilbert Bates' journal now uses its own art.
Weldo Rubin now uses his own internal name. This affects his behavior, e.g. he no longer claims some random chests as his property.
Gilbert Bates' chest now notifies a correct NPC.
Pelojian's doors in Tulla can no longer be lockpicked.
Sebastian now uses his own internal name.
Fixed missing origins for 19 Tarantians.
The chest in the fence in Tarant now notifies a correct NPC.
Fixed notification problems with a barrel near Kan Kerai.
Fixed notification problems with two chests in Vooriden.
Vendigrothian Newspapers now use their own art.
Fixed male soundbanks for small and medium sized humanoid races, alerted sounds (when a character enters combat) weren't playing due to typos.
Fixed 2 missing origins for 2 Ashbury citizens, 9 Dernholm citizens, 1 Black Root citizen and 1 Stillwater citizen.
Changed Jormund's origin to none (was Qintarra), changed Dante's origin to Dernholm (was none).
Fixed missing origins for 7 Caladonians.
Albert Leek now has master training in Prowling.
Asking Constable Owens about the location of Tarant doesn't trigger later events anymore. Also, the line is not repeatable anymore.
Getting information about the origins of the ring from Pelonius Schuyler now gives you the quest to find Gilbert Bates.
Doc Roberts' Enchanted Sword doesn't have an empty spell menu anymore.
Fixed stats of Ristezze: a correct soundbank now.
Fixed stats of Jacob Bens and a dead Half Orc Bandit in Shrouded Hills: correct portraits now.
Frederick Fitzgerald's chest now notifies a correct NPC.
Four guards in the Boil now have weapons, just like all other guards in Tarant. Also, one of the guards had a wrong auto level scheme.
Fixed a mistake in generated greetings for the guard social class.

Version 080626

Removed two red pixels in Light Wood Door's art.
Now you get random encounters after levels 45-49 as well.
There's a chance that orcish bandits in random encounters will have an ogre in their group now. (This wasn't working before because of a typo).
Fixed scripts of Molochean Hand Assasins, Orc Bandits and Bates Bounty Hunters. You won't be caught in neverending dialog loop anymore if you try to mind control them.
Fixed wrong stats on a number of orcs and ogres prototypes.
Vendigroth's music track is restored.
Fixed music issues in the part of Tarant around the library, Caladon's docks, the boat landing on Thanatos, Ruby Glade, Ashlag Village and Stringy Pete's Cove.
One of passages in the Black Mountain mines can't be destroyed anymore.
A table in Bates factory can't be highlighted anymore.
A painting in the Mayor's mansion in Black Root can't be highlighted anymore.
Restored Virgil's dialog about Lawrence Brummond's newspaper.
Lawrence Brummond's newspaper can't be pickpocketed from the clerk anymore.
Gilbert Bates now still asks for his ring even after the picking "questions" branch of his dialog.
WorldEd: fixed categories for many critter prototypes.
Fixed several problems with some of critter prototypes.
Summoned creatures now have correct palettes. (not default ones)
Fixed stats of the guard in front of the gates on the Isle of Despair: correct soundbank and portrait now.
The junk dealer in Derhnolm now has a correct dialog.
Fixed some broken tiles in the herbalist's house in Shrouded Hills.
Fixed three broken lines in the dialog of the Mayor of Black Root.
Fixed the land bridge's townmap.
Fixed two broken lines in Killian Drake's dialog.
Prince Farad won't talk to you anymore if you tell him that Aria is being tortured by Praetor.
Fixed two broken lines in the dialog of the Mayor of Black Root.

Version 080708

Fixed a completely wrong female line in Erick Obsidian's dialog.
The Fool's Dagger doesn't have an empty spell menu anymore.
Fixed wrong responses in the generic dialogs for magick shop clerk, magick armorer, rural store clerk, city store clerk, dark magick shop clerk, elven trader and rural tailor.
Fixed a wrong faction for the Bludgeoner in Kerghan's lab.
Fixed a wrong color in a palette for Qintarra's inner gate.
Fixed wrong colors in a palette for Mannox's sarcophagus.
Fixed wrong colors in palettes for a basket and a bathtub.
WorldEd: added unused scenery art, 3 beds and 2 armoires.
Fixed a completely wrong female line in Kietzel Pierce's dialog.
Fixed a broken line and a wrong female line in D'ak Taan's dialog.
Fixed two wrong female lines in Ristezze's dialog.
Fixed a wrong female line in Winston Schuyler's dialog.
Fixed a broken line in Thorvald's dialog.
Fixed a broken line in Gilbert Bates' dialog. Added an appropriate female response as well.
Fixed a wrong female line in the Silver Lady's dialog.
Fixed art of the following wall types: Gray Stone Wall, Nice Interior, Wood Shack (door 3).
Fixed art of the Nice Gray Roof.
Fixed two broken lines in Raven's dialog.
Fixed a wrong female line and 9 broken lines in Lillian Misk's dialog.
Fixed a wrong female line in Ogdin's dialog.
Attached a missing script to the book "The Hand". Affects Ogdin's dialog.
WorldEd: updated sound schemes in the module template. Now all music and ambient tracks are available for use in new modules.
Fixed several broken lines in the script of the representative from the Department of the Treasury. Now it's possible to take this bribe.
Fixed standpoints of the representative of Caladonian Military.
Female bar patrons now have a separate, female version of the Game of Wits.

Version 080823

Half Elves can now raise their Beauty to 21.
Fixed the wrong position of the sleep UI.
Fixed the wrong size of the save/load menu background.
Water Elementals now use a correct soundbank.
White Scarf no longer acts like a helmet.
Fixed a wrongly positioned ladder in Tarant Sewers.
When you exit the blacksmith shop in Stillwater through a door it now correctly changes the ambient track.
The quest to kill Prince Farad is now fixed. Prince Farad's death changes the quest state. Fixed problems with King Praetor's dialog, so it's possible to a) give up the task when you already have the quest/tell the truth about the princess' destiny, b) report the death of Prince Farad and actually complete the quest.
Restored unused lines in King Praetor's dialog when the PC gets 60+ reaction.
The representatives in Caladon Castle are now properly leveled up.
Fixed the art for townmap/worldmap menu.
Fixed a wrong color in the palette for rabbit cages.
Fixed stats of a Dwarf Villager, Elf Villager and Gnome Villager in Roseborough Inn: correct soundbanks and portraits now.
Fixed a broken tile in train tracks outside of Tarant.
Thorvald now leaves you if you don't go to the Wheel Clan.
Restored unused lines in Thorvald's dialog, now you can ask him about locations.
Fa'al Kin's Gauntlets are no longer technological, so now characters with technophobia won't get stuck in the maze.
Murgo now leaves you if you take too long.
Moved wait commands in Murgo's dialog so they're consistent with other followers' dialogs. Also removed the heal option and some wrong conditions.
Fixed wrong conditions in Magnus' dialog. Now he won't join you in all cases if you negotiated with Schuylers.
Fixed a problem in Magnus' dialog when you were getting duplicated lines if you negotiated with Schuylers and had Torian Kel in your party.
It's possible to have Magnus in your party if you negotiated with Schuylers AND also killed them. Now all rejoining lines make a check for this.
Magnus can no longer make things for you when he's waiting.
It's no longer possible to recycle Sebastian's dialog and take the other one of his two quests.
Fixed Wesley and Brinda's dialogs. The lines related to the investigation for Mrs. Misk are no longer available if you don't have the quest.
Shocking Staff and Electrocution Grenade now have their original sound effects restored.
Knock Out Gas Grenade and Mustard Gas Grenade no longer damage party members.
Restored original sound effects for acid.
Fixed several problems with Regenerative Jacket. Fixed the wrong description and the ground art, restored original sound effects.
Myrth's quest now gets botched if you kill him.
Fixed 9 art pieces used in the sewer wall type. No more blue pixels.
Restored VO for Torian Kel's lines when you find his ancestral sword (but only the first line is voiced).
Added some missing conditions to Bane of Kree's dialog.
Removed the Potion of Paralysis schematic, since it's redundant.
Fixed several problems with 15 master mage dialogs (all but the water one). Now it's impossible to accept a chance for a mastery with less than 5 spells learned (the mastery can be only granted with 5 spells learned). Fixed conditions for the line "I've improved my skills", fixed a check for the line "I've enhanced my magick aura". Fixed some other problems.
Fixed Master Mage of Water's dialog. Now it's actually possible to accept his quest for the mastery.
The flag for a mastery chance now doesn't get reset after you complete the test, so now it's impossible to accept the quest for another mastery (which is pointless).
The lines related to the werewolf quest are no longer repeatable in Master Mage of Morph's dialog.
All weapons that have a mana bonus now reflect this in their descriptions.

Version 081004

If you've joined Kerghan but then changed your mind, Torian Kel will still stand by Kerghan's side.
Jormund's quest specific dialog is no longer repeated when you disband him and talk to him again.
The Staff of Xoranth doesn't have an empty spell menu anymore.
Benjamin Gershwin now gives the skulls back to you in all cases.
NPCs now display their age again, as it was intended. (Most of NPCs in the game have unique ages.)
If you ask Dante to wait he no longer rejoins you as a free follower (i.e. without making a CH check).
If you ask Jormund to wait he no longer rejoins you as a free follower.
Murgo now joins you as a free follower in all cases.
Fixed mixed up cursors for called shots to torso and legs.
Fixed a broken female line in Praetor's dialog.
Fixed alingment changes in Larrs' dialog.
Restored a large part of Erick Obsidian's dialog that was being skipped for whatever reason.
Fixed several broken lines in Tristan Fenwick's dialog.
Jared now takes the note from you in all cases.
Hushed Revolver now uses correct sound effects.
Snow tiles now use correct footstep sounds.
Fixed a broken line in the Game of Wits.
Fixed positioning problems with the Dark Knight's art. (This monster type isn't used in the Arcanum module, but can now be used in custom modules.)
Added undead and fatigue immune flags to Dark Knight, Dark Berserker, Dark Warrior-Priest and Dark Warlord. Added soundbanks, as well.
Removed two lines leading to wrong responses in Perriman Smythe's dialog.
Removed a red pixel in Panarii Stairs art (two pieces).
Torian Kel's dialog about his home is no longer called more than once.
Fixed wrong conditions in Jyheirad's dialog.
If you find the Blade of Xerxes early, it's still usable when you get the quest.
Jyheirad's dialog now doesn't get repeated if you manage to save him before the fire elementals kill him.
Jyheirad now thanks you when resurrected.
Jyheirad and the adventurers now properly appear inside the cave in all necessary cases.
Reading the paper about Renford A. Terwilliger's death now doesn't trigger later events if you find it early.
The Body of Stone spell now uses a correct palette.
Fixed wrong conditions in the dialog of the Mayor of Black Root. Now you can't give him his dagger if you don't have the quest.
Stealing the taxes from the Mayor of Black Root now doesn't trigger the quest if you don't have it in the first place.
Finding Princess Aria's amulet now doesn't trigger the quest for dummies.
Fixed positioning problems with the Greater Demon's idle animation.
Tulla's runes art is now displayed correctly.
Added visual and sound effects to Tesla Gun's hit.
Restored visual and sound effects for Bronwyck's Gun's shot.
Fixed problems with Thorvald leaving too early.
Fixed art for P.Schuyler and Sons shop sign.
Fixed art for the jeweler's shop sign.
Monsters, animals, undead and mechanical critters now have their resistances capped at 95%, like all other critters.
Will-o-wisps now don't leave blood pools when they die.
Restored day and night ambient tracks for the Wastes region.
Restored a missing sound in the lizardman's soundbank.
Restored a missing sound in the rat's soundbank.
Restored the araya's soundbank (now it plays different sounds for different actions instead of just one).
Restored a missing sound in the krag's soundbank.
Restored a missing sound in the giant spider's soundbank.
Restored a missing sound in the fire elemental's soundbank.
Restored a missing sound in the water elemental's soundbank.
Restored the sheep's soundbank.
Restored a missing sound in the familiar's soundbank.
Added skill training to Tattered Bowman, Insectress Hunter and various NPCs in random encounters, such as Molochean Hand assassins and bounty hunters.
Added missing palettes to the skeleton's conceal animation.
Fixed positioning problems with the blacksmith's extra animation.
Added a Long Bow to quality smiths.
Fixed Lesser Krag and Krag Chieftain's inventories.
It's no longer possible to ask the innkeeper in Stillwater about Joachim's book when he has already given it to you.
Fixed a bug with APs subtraction. Throwing an item (including grenades) now takes 4 APs.

Version 081229

Decreased loading times by optimizing the prototype generation routine. The game now starts almost instantly (without movies). WorldEd is fixed as well.
Fixed a problem with the Tarant University steamrail station, it was giving you money instead of taking it when going to either docks or the park.
Added missing visual effects to Droch's Warbringer and Large Bore Vendigrothian Rifle.
Added paperdoll art to Large Bore Vendigrothian Rifle.
Added paperdoll art to Large Venom-Shielded Garment.
Restored the original paperdoll art for Tesla Gun.
Restored the original art for Mage's Staff, Shaman's Staff and Staff of Healing.
Improved paperdoll art for Staff, Quality Staff, Mage's Staff, Shaman's Staff, Staff of Healing, Shocking Staff, Tesla Rod, Short Bow, Railroad Spike and Balanced Sword by remaking it from original templates with proper resampling.
Engine explosions now play correct sound effects.
The display case in the Misk's residence now doesn't show a book when "The Book of Durin's Truth" is removed. However, the art reappears if the book is put back.
Removed a line leading to a wrong response in Captain Wheeler's dialog.
Swyft now has correct age.
K'na Tha's townmap is now fixed (Gorgoth pass townmap no longer overlaps it).
The townmap of Simeon Tor's chamber no longer contains older graphics.
If K'an Hua was killed by Nasrudin, he won't appear in the Panarii temple when the PC tells Alexander about the Dark Elves conspiracy.
Torian Kel now has proper dialog when he attacks and kills the Bane of Kree.
Now you can tell Arronax that you've talked to Kerghan, this restores a part of Arronax's dialog.
Fixed problems with Magnus' dialog becoming broken if you first talk to him while being invisible, having a body spell, having summoned creatures or being polymorphed.
Removed age censorship, age below 20 is now possible. Half-Orcs are now 15 y.o. by default, while Orcs are 10, as it was intended.
CN1 doesn't result in heal rate of 0 anymore.
Restored a missing line in the dialog of the Mayor of Black Root.
Fixed a line leading to a wrong response in Dante's dialog.
Restored Whysper's dialog for dummies, now it's actually possible to take her quest when playing as a dummy.
Fixed some wrong conditions in Franklin Payne's dialog.
Fixed Wheeler's dialog for dummies, now it's possible to talk to Donn Throgg as a dummy.
Corrected Raven and Z'an Al'urin's ages.
A skeleton in Ashbury's haunted castle can no longer be resurrected.
Restored bank robbery sound effects.
After asking Z'an Al'urin a question the dialog now returns to the correct line.
The ending where both Gilbert Bates and Cedric Appleby are dead is now available.
Bentley's doors can now be opened if Milo's not around/his body decayed.
Fixed responses to unusual PC appearance in train ticket agents and train conductors' dialogs.
Now it's possible to tell Randver that you killed his father when playing as a dummy. Fixed other broken conditions as well.
Fixed problems with Caleb Malloy's quest. Now the quest gets botched if you tell Caleb that you've been assaulted, various loops in his dialog (including a money loop) have been fixed too. Also Caleb now recognizes if Malek is lying dead in the pub.
Fixed several loops in Nasrudin's dialog when playing as a dummy.
Restored windowed mode support. "-window" command line argument is added.
Fixed the art for follower's fatigue bar.
You can no longer talk to Pollock before getting the quest by using invisibilty.
Added missing special effects to Dark Helm.
The Vial of Dragon's Blood now gets destroyed after its use.
Once you betray the Bedokaan, the quest to kill the poachers now gets botched.
If you don't show the skull from Nasrudin's tomb to Hadrian, the quest will still be marked as completed in all cases.
Removed artifacts from the navigation button in WorldMap UI.
F6 now calls "#Move" command instead of "Follow" (which wasn't working). "#Move" command makes all your followers change their position (they will just occupy another free tile), this may be useful if they're blocking your way.
Restored a correct attack line in Grunwalde's dialog.
The quest specific lines in Edwin Wallows' dialog are no longer repeatable.
You can't trigger Jormund's quest anymore if you kill Wrath yourself. Jormund won't talk to you in this case.
If you attempt to resurrect Wrath, you now get an extra line in Jormund's dialog.
Removed a wrong check in Jormund's dialog.
Fixed problems with Maxim building Mechanized Gun. Now the components get properly destroyed even if they are in an inventory of any party member.
Harrow now takes into account your damage bonus when calculating fatigue damage.
Fixed a blank note on one of dark elf corpses in the Black Mountain mines.
Fixed looping dialog with Geoffrey Tarrellond-Ashe. You can no longer ask him about his background and why he's outside the graveyard more than once.
Restored missing lines in Geoffrey Tarrellond-Ashe's dialog. If you try to leave the graveyard and Geoffrey leaves the group as a result, you now get a special dialog when talking to him again, that lets you ask him to rejoin.
A copy of the "Garringsburg Heist" paper on Rorry Limes now sets the correct flag when used, just like the other copies.
You can no longer examine Rorry Limes' passport if it's not in your inventory.
You can no longer deceive the half-ogre guarding the painting if you have not read the note.
Fixed a problem with Mr. Razzia's dialog checking for the Roseborough Inn's matchbook instead of Preston Radcliffe's passport. Also, the dialog tree pertained to the passport is no longer repeatable.
Added a missing dialog to a Human Villager in Shrouded Hills.
Fixed repeatable lines when asking for locations of Dernholm and Stillwater in the generic citizen's dialog. Fixed some wrong conditions as well.
Fire Obstruction now makes NPCs hostile.
It's now possible to tell Willoughsby that you killed Heinrich Jenks after hearing his offer.
If you fail to convince Donn Throgg to surrender, you can now tell Wheeler so, and he will offer you a task of killing Throgg.
Fixed a wrong female line in Donn Throgg's dialog.
Fixed a wrong female line in Waromon's dialog.
You can no longer ask Waromon about the imprisoned elven hunter once Kan Kerai frees him.
A trash can in front of the Ashbury's town hall now has a correct icon and sound effects.
The map of the Tarantian Sewers no longer shows deleted areas.
You can no longer ask Dernholm guards why they don't like "him" (Garrick Stout) before actually asking who's in charge of them.
The chest icon is now of the correct size and doesn't overlap the menu's graphics.
Fixed incorrectly numbered responses of noble females to the PC wearing barbarian clothes.
You can no longer ask guards where to find an Expert trainer for throwing more than once.
The Invisibility spell now has dispelling special effects.
Thorvald is now 300 years old (instead of 100).
Fixed incorrect floating lines in Stanley Hippington's dialog.
The fake blue bunny's death now uses the correct flag.
Fixed repeatable lines in Stanley Hippington's dialog.
Restored the Charged Axe schematic, it can now be bought from quality smiths (5% chance).
Schreck's Multi-Barreled Pistol's schematic is now usable and the actual weapon can be crafted.
Restored Clockwork Physician, Illuminated Decoy and Explosive Decoy, all three schematics can now be bought from inventors (10% chance).
Restored the conversation between Virgil and Maug.
Restored the art for Great Helm.
Restored the alerted sound effects for Half-Ogres, Ogres and Orcs.
Added correct palettes to Human Blacksmith's art.
Different blacksmiths now have different palettes.

Version 091225

Fixed several wrong and missing money checks in Kietzel Pierce's dialog. Fixed a few incorrect money transactions as well (the money was getting taken twice from the PC).
Guard Chainmail and Small Guard Chainmail are now considered technological instead of magickal. Seeing that the armor is completely the same as the normal chainmail (except for the color) and doesn't have any magickal bonuses, it's safe to assume that it was marked as magickal by mistake.
Fixed the wrong size of the written UI background (notes, books, newspapers, etc).
Fixed the schematic menu's art.
Fixed the fate point menu's art.
Fixed the scroll down cursor's art.
Fixed the wrong lens art in character editor, schematic UI and written UI.
Fixed the wrong position of the bull's eye in Cyclic UI.
Fixed Waromon's dialog. Barter/questions/orders lines don't show up anymore while he's waiting.
Fixed the wrong position of the quick slots panel art in Compact UI.
Restored original skill icons (Combat, Thieving, Social and Technological).
Fixed the wrong position of the AP bar.
The dynamic shadows option is now available in the options menu.
It's no longer possible to break out of dialog by clicking on quick slots.
Fixed the AP preview for throwing an item (grenades, etc). It was showing the AP cost for movement.
You no longer get a fate point for killing Lukan and his henchmen after you've already persuaded them to leave.
When Compound Bow is used as a component in schematics, it now shows correct art.
Fixed problems with Richard Leeks' quest. If Cyrus gets killed after you get the quest it's now possible to report his death. Additionally, resurrecting him now lets you complete the quest.
Added a missing exit line to the questions branch in Zen Virgil's dialog.
Vincent's dialog is no longer recyclable.
Stealing the book or gauntlets from Magnus while he's not in your party no longer initiates dialog.
Restored an unused line in Matthew Jameson's dialog. If you refuse to give him the ring, but then tell him you were only joking, he now gives you a different response.
Matthew Jameson, Biggs, W. Thomas Moreau and Simon Plough now disappear once you complete their quest and leave the area.
Learning the location of Qintarra from Gaylin by either making her surrender in combat and then talking to her or killing her and conjuring her spirit now properly advances the story line.
Fixed a misnamed line in generated greetings for the wizard social class.
If you decline Benjamin Gershwin's quest, you can now properly accept it the next time you talk to him.
Fixed wrong conditions in the dialog of the Captain of Bates' guards related to the saboteurs quest.
Disintegrating the forest portal no longer causes a lot of monsters to spawn and die at once.
Fixed a mistake in the description for Eye Glasses.
Fixed wrong conditions in Constable Owens' dialog. Now he properly attacks when provoked in all cases.
Restored unused lines in Lukan's dialog.
Fixed a wrong money reward in Cedric Appleby's dialog.
Fixed mixed up haggle checks in Edward Teach's dialog.
Fixed incorrect reaction modifiers in William Bench's dialog.
Restored a correct response in Nasrudin's dialog.
Fixed a broken line in K'an Hua's dialog (at the Ring of Brodgar).
Fixed a wrong reaction modifier in Evelyn Garringsburg's dialog.
Replaced a fixed greeting in Caleb Malloy's dialog with a generated one, since low reaction PC lines are present.
Fixed a wrong intelligence check in Clarissa Shalmo's dialog.
Fixed two broken lines and a missing dummy response in Sammie's dialog.
Fixed mixed up responses in Henderson's dialog.
Fixed a wrong intelligence check in Willoughsby's dialog.
Fixed a wrong condition in Albert Leek's dialog. It's no longer possible to receive the master training without finding all the clues.
The Prowling Master Note 1 that Mr. Razzia gives you is no longer empty.
Fixed three missing money transactions and a wrong intelligence check in J.M. Morat's dialog.
Fixed a wrong intelligence check in Gildor Nightwalk's dialog.
Fixed two wrong intelligence checks in Z'an Al'urin's dialog.
Fixed two wrong persuasion checks in Garrick Stout's dialog.
Fixed a wrong reaction modifier in Druella's dialog.
Fixed a wrong reaction modifier in David Witt's dialog.
Added missing dummy lines to the dialog of the gnome involved in the gnomish conspiracy quest.
Added a missing reaction bonus to Sebastian's dialog.
Fixed several missing conditions and reaction modifiers in Jason C. Guy's dialog.
It's no longer possible to gain entrance to Kerghan's castle by killing one of the two guards twice.
Fixed a line in Herkemer Oggdoddler's dialog that was resetting the reaction to a set value instead of giving a bonus.
Fixed an infinite money loop in H.T. Parnell's dialog.
A wrong global flag was used in Randver and Loghaire's dialogs. This was affecting the Stillwater Giant quest.
It's no longer possible to accept Vegard Molten Flow and Erick Obsidian's quests repeatedly.
If you kill the dog beating gnome before talking to him, the dog now recovers and automatically joins your group.
Fixed a bug in normal Virgil's dialog, that was preventing Zen Virgil's conversation in the Sobbing Onion from happening.
It's no longer possible to save Zen Virgil when you enter the Sobbing Onion's basement.
Zen Virgil's standpoints no longer get messed up. If you don't take Virgil into your group right after resurrecting him, then he will be waiting by the Panarii temple (as he says), otherwise he will always be returning to the Sobbing Onion when disbanded.
Adkin Chambers' dialog now works correctly for dummies. Also, removed unneeded healing requests.
Ring and Medallion of Dark Magicks now give proper bonuses/penalties.
Baneful Gauntlets now give correct bonuses, and FT DOT works as well.
Venomous Robes now give correct bonuses.
Fixed the ground art for Magnus' Bracelet.
Madame Toussaude no longer has another Crystall Ball in her inventory once she has already given you one.
Fixed a broken line for dummies in Lukan's dialog.
Replaced the icon with a remastered version of the original, with alpha channel and 256x256 variant for Vista.
Levered Machine Gun is restored. The only copy of it is held by Captain Wheeler (Donn Throgg quest).
Restored unused lines related to the Panarii in Constable Owens' dialog. (You get more dialog if Virgil isn't in your group.)
Added more checks to the dialog of the ogre guarding the painting to make it more plausible. Now you can use all relevant pieces of info, such as Madame Toussaude's hint, info from the Hall of Records, Rorry Limes' passport and the note to bluff the ogre.

Version 191001 (1.5)

Patch version is now displayed in the main menu at all times.
HQ Music and HQ Townmaps packs are now included in the base patch by default. Additionally, HQ Townmaps have also been compiled for the Vormantown campaign and other stand-alone modules.
The Extra Animation pack is now also part of the base patch, it's been redone from scratch with painstaking care, plenty of bugs and nuances with it were ironed out, more engine patches have been added to make all the animations play properly.
Added a '-cheatmode' switch, which enables Troika's original cheat mode, see Documents\Cheat Mode.txt for an explanation on what it does.
Included much longer ambient tracks recovered from a pre-release build of the game.
Included an improved version of Virgil's Debug menu, which now works with all 3 versions of Virgil. New features include making everyone in the party catch up to the player's level and going to secret locations, such as Cattan, Fan Graveyard and Old Blind Master's hideout.
High Resolution Patch now has 32 bit color depth support (and defaults to it) for better Windows 10 compatibility.
Music is now available for all modules, not just the main campaign.
Added aging, every year everyone's age stat gets increased by 1.
You can now disable your party members auto-level scheme and distribute their character points yourself if you so desire.
For this reason, a 'schematics' option has been added to the party member context menu so that even the followers without this dialog option will still be able to craft items if they have invested into technology.
Swapped R and Space keys around for an easier switch to the combat mode, and moved Quick Load from F8 to F9 to prevent accidental presses since Quick Save is F7.
Fixed the Pure Melee-Dodge auto-leveling scheme. Now it always reaches DX 20.
Stiletto now bypasses AC and DR.
Fixed issues with large jackets/rags inventory and paper doll graphics.
Fixes issues with the Half Ogre Island captain sometimes not spawning (mostly affects High Resolution Patch).
Restored the original art for medium and small venom jackets.
Added missing graphics for small size barbarian armor.
Added ground art for different barbarian armor.
Spirits Snake's amulet is no longer a copy of Dorian's Amulet, now has its proper art restored.
Orcs (and Gar) can now wear technological plate armor.
Gar is now a full blooded orc game logic wise (meaning race name, race icon etc) to further trick the player, all the way until the reveal where his stats will change to human.
Creatures summoned by NPCs not in the player's party will no longer attack others without provocation.
NPCs will longer cast Purity of Water in combat, since it's just a Beauty increasing spell
Reverted from earlier patches: removed the permanent follower glitch failsafe hack.
Reverted from earlier patches: Half Ogre Island is teleportable again.
The magic weapon button is now purged on save load to prevent glitches.
Moved Tarant's starting location to the other end of the bridge.
All former Extra Pack content has now been merged in the base patch.
Clockwork Physician is now red in color (just like Medical Arachnid) while Explosive Decoy is green.
Adjusted Schreck's Pistol's stats, from D:1-20 to D:5-25.
Adjusted Levered Machine Gun's stats, from D:1-40 FT:1-5 to D:10-40 FT:1-10.
Fixed a mana calculation issue with the Teleportation spell, which made it not cost any charges if put on an enchanted weapon, like the Staff of K'an T'au.
It's no longer possible to accidently drink the Cure the Blind potion.
Arronax's shell is no longer destroyable with AoE spells or grenades.
Added item descriptions for Tech Manuals, Stiletto, various grenades and explosives.
Fixed a number of issues with Stringy Pete's quest. Now, killing Molly Williamson botches the quest in your logbook and gives you the curse. Joe Bob Williamson's dialog script is working now. The map to Stringy Pete's cove now has correct inventory art.
Added side bezels to the bottom panel graphics.
Fixed broken shading on CreateChar and PreGenChar menu backgrounds.
Fixed minor graphical artifacts in the character sheet menu background.
Fixed a number of issues with various inventory and barter menu backgrounds.
Fixed the ShopMap (green grass field) sometimes bleeding through loading screens.
Fixed slightly off text offsets in character sheet -> tech ranks.
Removed a patch of broken tiles just outside the map border at the Crash Site (including the townmap).
Removed many bushes from the ship's deck on the Half-Ogre Island.
Dark Elves and Ogres NPCs now have different portraits from Elves and Half-Ogres.
The game icon has been redrawn from scratch.

Version 191004 (1.5.1)

Fixed an issue with the GOG version.
Reverted the Space/R key swap.
Fixed various typos in dialogs and quest notes.

Version 200215 (2.0.0)

Now includes an optional "Race Mod" module.
[Race Mod] Orcs, Ogres and Dark Elves can now be selected during character creation.
[Race Mod] These three races now get unique reaction modifiers just like the other races.
[Race Mod] These races can now use unique DE, OG, OC markers for portraits and backgrounds.
[Race Mod] Various cut portraits from pre-release versions of the game have been assigned to these races.
[Race Mod] Added race based insults for Orcs, Ogres and Dark Elves.
[Race Mod] Orcs are given Barbarian Clothes during character creation, since they can't wear suits.
[Race Mod] Added race checks for these races to various dialogs and scripts throughout the game, so that they advance through the quests and the game acknowledges their race.
[Race Mod] Added 3 new pregenerated characters: a female gnome, a female halfling (both using 70% scale female human sprites) and also one very special gentleman.
Added an option in the installer to raise the level cap from 50 to 100.
Added an option in the installer to disable combat music.
Fixed the problem with the 'Attack' command in the follower context menu acting as 'Walk'.
Equipping barbarian armor on an ugly character no longer causes everyone to attack you on sight (but the reaction penalty still applies).
Increased the effect.mes limit from 400 to 1000 for better mod support.
[High Resolution Patch] defaulted to the software renderer for better compatibility with modern systems.

Version 200526 (2.0.1)

[Race Mod] Fixed a rare crash on certain systems.
[High Resolution Patch] Updated to the latest version of DDrawCompat, should fix an issue with ending slides occasionally being skipped on newer systems.
General stores now sell Educator's Guide (33% spawn rate, costs 2000 gold), a consumable item that makes everyone in the party catch up to the player's level.
Unspent character points no longer cap at 56, you can now store as many as you want.
Increased Mechanized Arachnid's running animation speed by 250%.
Fixed an issue with wrong magic/tech aptitude assigned to numerous enemies, they had roughly 5x as much as intended.
All Clockwork Decoy variants now have 60% technological aptitude.
The item description for tech manuals now actually makes sense.
Fortifier can no longer be used on party members as its withdrawl does 50-100 damage and can aggro and kill NPC's.
It's no longer possible to teleport from the Isle of Despair while standing slightly to the east of The Women's Camp.
Added ground art for blue and green books (e.g. tech manuals, Educator's Guide).
Chateau de Be'ron Brandy (can be given to Geoffrey Tarellond-Ashe as a gift) is now sold at city general stores, 25% spawn rate, the half of regular Wine.
[Virgil's Debug Menu] The option to increase alignment now works correctly (it was setting your alignment to 20 instead of increasing it by 20).
Fixed a minor issue in the dialog of Molochean Hand assassins, one of the flags was getting set too soon and this resulted in one of their lines being skipped over very quickly.
Fixed a few missing flags in Cedric Appleby's dialog, which caused him to not recognize you taking on his "offer".

Version 200611 (2.0.2)

[Virgil's Debug Menu] It's now safe to have the GB ring equipped at all times, it won't interfer with anything or cause any glitches.
[Virgil's Debug Menu] Added a spawn object function, it can spawn both items and enemies, you simply input their prototype ID.
[Master Educator] Added an option in the installer to make party members receive training level equal to the player's (if they have suffient skill points), this is a global change and the Educator background is not needed.
[No XP Per Hit] Added an option in the installer to disable the XP per hit system, full XP value will be granted on kill, party wide.
Fixed Shadow Shield, it now gives an AC bonus equal to Evil Alignment / 2.
[Race Mod] Fixed Strong Poison, it was applying a previously unused effect that was intefering with Race Mod.
[Race Mod] Fixed an issue with Edward Teach's dialog after killing Gilbert Bates, now shows responses for the extra races.