Game related downloads - patches, hacks and the manual

Looking to enhance the game experience ? Willing to add some spice to the original campaign ? Look no further, this section has it all, hacks, patches, main module expansions and the manual to put it in perspective !

Arcanum Manual

Also available online

It will answer most of your questions about how Arcanum works and which keys do what. At least give it a try before firing off a bunch of questions in the forums. Also features the Grandma Cookhill's Three Bowl Bread recipe !

Arcanum Guide

note: it is written for the pre-UAP Arcanum.

Arcanum Demo

It's worth a look, it features some cut-out content not present in the full version.

Official Patches

You need to install the 1074 patch - it fixes lots of bugs and is needed by all of the current mods. Don't ask for no-cd cracks in the forums. For previous versions, go to the Download Archives

Unofficial Patch

by Drog Black Tooth

A huge community patch that fixes dozens of bugs and restores a plenty of omitted content. You only need the latest version. For previous versions, go to the Download Archives

High Resolution Patch

by Drog Black Tooth

This patch enables Arcanum to be played in any resolution. Compatible with Arcanum, including all mods based on that version. Extra info: forum thread



The lossless edition of the Arcanum soundtrack (WAV format, 21 tracks). Further info here.

High Quality Music Pack

The soundtrack has also been converted for the in-game use. While you can download the MP3 version (320 kbps), it's also possible to use the original wave tracks in the game with the help of the small patch. Done by Drog Black Tooth, for use with the UAP.

Main Module Expansions

Arcanum Work in Progress by rroyo

A:WIP is currently the most consistent and extensive mod available. It adds new content to the original module without upsetting the game balance. On top of that, it offers a bunch of bugfixes. Current info thread is here. For previous versions, go to the Download Archives

Hard-Arcanum by Chris Beddoes

AKA polished CAR Arcanum, is a huge mod that, among many things, has reworked the combat balance (in quite unconventional ways), added some locations and... just go see the announcement.

Arcanum Equilibrium Rebalance by Leonidusx v1.12

Changes almost all weapons, armors, items, spells, monsters to rebalance Arcanum combat and make it reasonably challenging. Some entirely new spells and items such as Lycanthropy, Inferno, Tsunami, Napalm, Immunosuppressant.

Arcanum Hacks

Keep in mind that many of these hacks might refuse to work with main module expansions, and are generally not compatible with Drog's Unofficial Arcanum Patch