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We are now tough wastelanders!

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Forum' started by werozzi, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. werozzi

    werozzi Member

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    Apr 16, 2012
    Well... just to cheer up my night i thought that starting a wastelander character topic would be fun, so here is the setting for this time:

    This land was nuked three centuries ago, almost all knowledge was quickly forgotten, people survived not by hiding in vaults, but by the amazing protection that many underground factories across the land gave, and their high metal composition kept most radiation away.
    The few survivors dispersed into four main towns:
    -Jonah's retreat, a highly commercial town, built over a mall and surrounding areas, traders and bounty hunters prefer it.
    -MagicFun Land, a community in a former attraction park, home of mercenaries and every kind of scoundrel.
    -The peaceful hills, a peaceful community where everything is made there, home of farmers and explorers.
    -The fort, established over a military base, the best equipped wastelanders come from there, yet they have stronger mutations.

    Before anything consider that this place is somewhere between canada and alaska, just that the temperatures are much more hot.

    This wasteland is mostly filled with scrap, tough it is highly irradiated, so people use to avoid former cities.

    All humans are mutated, because of ever present radiation and lack of genetic flow, but mutations range from almost undetectable to entire limbs, yet only few times they are disadvantaging.

    vehicles exist, they're solar powered so they're slow.

    all towns are passive most of the time, but sometimes they have conflicting ideas that lead to trouble.

    weapons are mostly improvised out of any scrap or tool that can be found, except in the fort, where they have a very limited supply of fire weapons and ammo.

    Power armor, its likes, ray and plasma weapons are nowhere to be found.

    Electricity, Water and Booze it's hard to find.

    Mutated animals are hard to approach and harder to tame.

    Everybody knows how to use a tool well enough to make vehicles, weapons and armor out of scrap.

    'ere's the template i would suggest using this time:

    Leave blank every field you don't answer.
    i'll let you the freedom of choosing the weapons, armor and vehicles as well as professions, just nothing too "Uber" please!
  2. Arthgon

    Arthgon Well-Known Member

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    Dec 30, 2007
    Interesting. What for kind of mutations are acceptable?
  3. Jojobobo

    Jojobobo Well-Known Member

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    May 29, 2011
    I would want a massive atomic horse penis for one. If I can't then I'm afraid it's a deal breaker.
  4. Arthgon

    Arthgon Well-Known Member

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    Dec 30, 2007
    Cool. It also should be possible that it regenerate and be immune against diseases, right?
  5. Grossenschwamm

    Grossenschwamm Well-Known Member

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    Feb 21, 2006
    Immune to penis cancer, and it regenerates like a hydra. Cut off one head, two grow in its place.
  6. werozzi

    werozzi Member

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    Apr 16, 2012
    any mutation it's possible, just that adding an advantage means adding a disadvantage.
    like having some kind of regeneration, you could regenerate everything, but a shot in any part of the head stops the body from regeneration, or hydra-like regen, would be at a point bad, because more than 3 heads and many more repeating limbs would end up in a sentient mass o' limbs, permanently static in the wasteland.
  7. Arthgon

    Arthgon Well-Known Member

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    Dec 30, 2007
    This is my character:

    Name: Reginald Dawson.
    Nickname: Reggie.
    Birth Date After 2350: 27 years old.
    Hair Color: Black.
    Hair Style: Short.
    Shape and Features of Face: Normal.
    Eye Color: Yellow.
    Skin Tone: Green.
    Scars or Distinguishing Marks: Scar on his face.
    Mutations: Echolocator, Fangs, Claws, Blindsight and
    Photosynthetic (no need for food if sunshine is available).
    Build or Body Type: Thickset (sp?) and Muscular.
    Height: 6'4.
    Weight: 185 pounds.
    Health Problems: None.
    Weakness: Blind.

    Mother: Eliza.
    Father: Martin.
    Brother: Tom
    Sister: Carter
    Youngest Sister: Lily
    Religion: Protestant.
    Temperament: Cynical and with a dark sense of humor.
    Fears: Fear of going mad.
    Secrets: Killed some couple of guys who bullied his youngest sister.
    Motivation: Fame and Glory.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Favorite food: Italian.
    Favored drinks: Whisky without water and ice.
    Favorite Color: Blue.
    Hometown: Jonah's retreat.
    Hobbies: Listen to music, Reading (Braille), Gardening and Puzzles
    Skills: Survival, Hand to Hand Combat, Persuade and Stealth
    Clothing: Blue Jeans, White T-shirt and leather Jacket.
    Weapons: Walking stick with hidden sword.
    Vehicle: None.
    Pets: None.

    Little Biography:

    I will edit the biography later on.

    Edit: Any occupations and which knowledge are really gone and which are still known?
  8. werozzi

    werozzi Member

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    Apr 16, 2012
    Why not some radar mutation?

    also, knowledge remaining is acquired from old magazines, so if something appears in a magazine, then it will do.
  9. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

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    Feb 6, 2002
    Name – Temuera Heke
    Nickname – "Muscles"
    Birth Date After 2350 -- 37 years before whatever year it is now, December 26th.
    Hair Color – Black
    Hair Style -- Short
    Shape and Features of Face -- Square like a wall of granite.
    Eye Color – Black
    Skin Tone -- Dark, even for a Maori.
    Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- Scar cutting through right eyebrow.
    Mutations -- The bone, skin and muscle in Muscles' arms are incredibly dense and tough, allowing him to punch harder than humanly possible. Concrete walls and even armour-plated vehicles have met their demise at the wrong end of Heke's massive mits.
    The mutation has also changed his metabolism, requiring him to consume huge quantities of alcohol in order to stay alive. He still suffers all the usual effects of drinking though.
    Build or Body Type -- Athletic.
    Height -- 6'4''
    Weight -- 220 lbs
    Health Problems – Severe alcoholism, the paranoid and hallucinating mind of someone who's spent the past 25 years in a drunken stupor. He almost certainly has liver problems.
    Weakness – Extremely violent temper, severe alcohol dependency.

    Mother -- Rena Heke
    Father – Some Maori bloke.
    Religion– Doesn't really care, but traditional Maori religion whenever some pakeha tries to shove his Christian bullshit down his throat.
    Temperament – Vile.
    Fears – Losing his strength, succumbing to the drink.
    Secrets -- Once killed a child.
    Motivation -- Money/alcohol (because it means survival)
    Sexuality -- Straight.
    Favorite food -- Chinese.
    Favored drinks -- Beer.
    Favorite Color -- Black.
    Hometown -- MagicFun Land.
    Hobbies -- Partying, driving his car.
    Skills -- Master brawler, able to drive and maintain a car.
    Clothing -- Wifebeaters, rough pants, work boots.
    Weapons -- Knuckle irons.
    Vehicle -- Solar-powered 1957 Ford Thunderbird.
    Pets -- None.

    Little Biography -- Heke has lived all his life in MagicFun Land, his mutations making him feared throughout that city. Holding court at a local bar, people seldom bother him, but when they do, it's typically about a contract to rough someone up or kill them. He's made a good living this way, but is not beholden to any of the organisations in this town - he wouldn't join them, they wouldn't have them. In the greater scheme of things, he's a fist for hire fighting for the highest bidder, and the local crime lords recognise him as such.
  10. Grossenschwamm

    Grossenschwamm Well-Known Member

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    Feb 21, 2006
    Name - Jackson Witt

    Nickname - "Scutes"

    "Birth" Date - About thirty years before present; he himself doesn't completely know, and celebrates getting older every summer solstice. His genetic information is centuries old.

    Hair color - Brown

    Hair Style - Matted

    Facial features - Vaguely reminiscent of a pangolin - Slender, with the face coming to a point that terminates upon the chin, which juts out unusually.

    Eye color - Yellow

    Skin Tone - Tan on his face and abdomen, fair everywhere else, as it never sees the sun.

    Mutations - Jackson's body, save for the majority of his face and his belly, is covered with tough overlapping scales. They're excellent for defense against cutting weapons or, to an extent, small arms fire (provided the bullet either glances off or goes through something else first). He also has rather long and sharp claws on the ends of his fingers, as opposed to fingernails. They're quite strong, and can even be used as tools for precision work. He's adept at climbing, as well as tearing open structures formerly known as sturdy. He does this because he's always hungry, and has been found ripping termite mounds open. They're his old standby.

    Build - Stocky

    Height - 5'4"

    Weight - 185 lbs

    Health problems - He hears voices in his head, and they all sound like his father telling him to eat.

    Weakness - He knows if he can't find food, hell die (it's a given). But what he doesn't know is how and in how long; should he not get a decent supply of food for long enough (5 days), within that time his body will metabolize all viable biomass into keratin, essentially making him a formerly living statue. He's always scavenging for food, and can never stop.

    He's got relatively few scales on the front of his body, and a rather bulbous gut due to the complexity of his digestive tract (so he can get that much more out of his food). Obviously, attacks to the front would be a major drawback. It's also difficult for him to be truly quiet, as his scales rubbing together are a fairly unusual sound.

    Mother - Unknown

    Father - Dr. Thaddeus Witt

    Religion - None

    Temperament - Oblivious

    Fears - Not eating

    Secrets - Has a picture of a woman named Norma Jean, and dreams of marrying her some day.

    Motivation - Survival.

    Sexuality - Straight

    Favorite food - Escamole

    Favorite Drinks - Coconut water

    Favorite Color - Red

    Hometown - Peaceful Hills

    Hobbies - sometimes uses his claws to carve what wood he finds into unusual shapes.

    Skills - foraging, outdoor survival, tuning motor vehicle engines

    Clothing - wears ragged-looking pants, and shoes made from canvas and spare tires.

    Weapons - his claws

    Vehicle - He cobbled together a sort of motorcycle - a single large wheel with perforations so that he might sit inside it and still see the road, powered by a sort of Stirling engine.

    Pets - An unusually large wood louse.

    Little Biography - Thirty years ago, Jackson woke up on the floor of what used to be a sterile laboratory, with the skeleton of what was once Dr. Thaddeus Witt sitting rather lazily behind a desk. There was active motion-sensitive equipment ready for Jackson's first steps, with a pre-recorded message;

    "Jackson! You are my one and only son. If you're hearing this message, it's because I've expired before I could deliver it to you personally. I've worked tirelessly, poring over my own genetic code and selecting only the best of myself to give to you. I've paired my own DNA with that of a scaly anteater, in the simple hope that some day, humans and pangolins would live in peace. You are the only man alive who can achieve such a goal, and you will be the ambassador to both human and pangolin.

    As of my recording this message, the world is in the midst of a cataclysmic war. In the event of my own passing, your containment vessel will open and awake you when my laboratory's sensors deem it safe for your exit.

    Your body will not suffer the ravages of time, all you must do is eat and keep yourself healthy and you will live.

    Obviously, you can understand my words, as well you could should you read them. I've given you basic understanding of the world around you, the survival instincts of your scaley brethren, as well as my own intellect. I hope, by the time you greet this world, it's not too late for the pangolins."

    That was thirty years before the present. Jackson hasn't aged appreciably in that time, but he's walked the precarious balance of "find food or die" in his three decades walking the earth. When he first fell ill, he was sure he'd die and had passed out from a combination of hunger and sickness. Thankfully, he had collapsed just outside of Peaceful Hills, and was nursed back to health by the inhabitants, once they realized he could speak (he had been mumbling to himself in his delirium). There he's remained, learning the intricacies of junk-yard engineering as well as determining that yes - the pangolins are all dead.

    EDIT: I corrected the town. I had previously read of the towns and forgot about them.
  11. werozzi

    werozzi Member

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    Apr 16, 2012
    Name – Bruce Simmons
    Nickname – Flesher
    Birth Date After 2350 - 12 years before acual time.
    Hair Color – Black
    Hair Style - A few strands of hair hang from his head.
    Shape and Features of Face - Small, long, edgy.
    Eye Color – Bluish grey
    Skin Tone - Extremely white, veins and bones are seen trough, his skin actually looks like some sort of jello.
    Scars or Distinguishing Marks - His nose is very long, his eyes are sunken into his skull.
    Mutations - His skin is extremely thin, but it can acquire various colors in order to blend wit the environment. His bones are really flexible, and are joined with enormous chunks of cartilage , thus giving him the ability to over-bend his limbs, but also making his limbs snap-off repeatedly. since his mutation comes from a high exposure during pregnancy, he has no sexual organs, no hormones and ages seven times faster.
    Build or Body Type --really slim, no muscles. His spine is bent.
    Height --4'9"
    Weight --77Lbs
    Health Problems – fragile joints.
    Weakness – Sharp objects, sunlight.

    Mother -- Supposedly a woman's corpse found near his shack
    Father – unknown
    Religion– Anti-theist
    Temperament – He gets easily angry
    Fears –Sunlight, children, knives.
    Secrets -- He wants to be a Hunter
    Motivation - Frozen fruit
    Sexuality - Asexual, he has no penis.
    Favorite food - Any kind of frozen food.
    Favored drinks - Sugar water, Wine.
    Favorite Color - Grey
    Hometown - MagicFun Land
    Hobbies - Shooting at birds, contortionism
    Skills - Crossbow-shooting, stabbing, camouflaging.

    Clothing - Only a pair of military pants and a human-leather belt.
    Weapons - Homemade repeater crossbow, railroad spike knife.
    Vehicle - solar powered tricycle
    Pets - A red four winged falcon

    Little Biography - He is self-sufficient since his third month of life, then he built a shack and lived there until he was five years old, when he moved to MagicFun Land, since then he has labored as a ranger and hired gun, he lives in a makeshift shack under the highest roller coaster, he also likes to look for fights at the bar, or someone to stab.

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