War of the band hot-seats (Sorry, legacy)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Charonte, Mar 15, 2012.

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    Just download an image from some torrent site.
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    :-? Are you talking to me? Image? Torrent site? That is not language that draws novices in. Too technical.

    Did you know that dictionary.reference.com doesn't provide any reference to the fact that "image" may mean executable file? (or even disk image?) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_%28disambiguation%29 does, but not explicitly. My initial thought was you meant something like disk image... with the resulting computing complexities of converting that image into a program. What's wrong with the word "program"?
    If you did mean disk image and its complexities, those complexities are reason enough. Personally, I would be either waiting until my interests cycle back into computing to learn about this aspect of computing, or I would have to believe that the game is worth it. Neither seems likely any time soon.

    As for torrent sites, I don't know of any. Can you recommend any? Thanks. (Also wiki's article was way technical, does torrent suggest safe from viruses? Or should novices be as wary of viruses and such as with any other file sharing site?)

    Please remember that I am playing proxy for novices... please keep things simple please or else I will have to do the simplifying.


    On behalf of interested novices: Thanks.
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    Apology accepted.

    Looks like it is a good idea to never learn about torrent sites. I would say the same about ISO files (disk images) except Windows released a preview version of its upcoming OS that way... but then you need to be computer skilled to use a preview version of an OS, anyways. I might get around to learning how to use an ISO, but I won't recommend it for computer novices.
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    That's because an image file isn't an executable....... Someone offering 'recommendations' to 'novices' should know that, as should someone 'simplifying' subject material for 'novices'.

    Best way to learn is by doing; not by giving nonsensical, asinine advice on an internet forum.
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    dictionary.reference.com has steered me wrong at least once before, I think with alternate spellings.
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    Guys lets stay on topic please!
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    I must apologise for the time it took me to get back to this -- some unexpected events have left me with little free time as of late. As such I've forwarded the save onto Yuki who should now check their PM's.

    Due to said events I haven't been able to spend a great deal of time playing (and as such not much exciting has happened) however I will attempt to do a quick recap of events here. Screenshots are also up on the site should you chose to look at them as well.

    Picking up where we left off, after winning the tournament, I kicked about in Sargoth for a while and did some more runs in the Arena. We ended up saving up a reasonable amount of gold -- around 2000 denari or so. Even saying that I wasn't particularly successful in the arena. This was still the result most of the time (nice boots):

    After gaining several levels I dumped a point into prisoner management in the hope of generating more cash. I also purchased a blunt weapon (hammer) to better crack open the skulls of our enemies -- if only so we could sell their drooling, comatose corpses to a slave trader so they could be put to some unspeakable (possibly sexual??) purpose. This seemed to work quite well for a time and I made back most of the money that had been spent.

    Eventually however, Velorien grew tired of tapping naked men and chasing down looters and went in search of companionship in the seedy taverns of Calradia:

    We ended up with several companions -- male and female alike that cost the better part of our saved up gold. Lacking the funds to provide proper equipment to our peers, Velorien did the only sensible thing and armed them all with rocks stolen from the local bandits.

    Unfortunately somewhere along the line I managed to forget that a full third of our party had been knocked unconscious in a previous fight. So naturally when I came across the following I thought we were in with a shot:

    Precursory scenic screen capture (one of the better ones I've experienced in native MnB):

    Literally within the first 20 seconds of that fight starting the all-father took a stray bolt to the side of the brain -- banishing him to the void instantly. Apparently that helmet wasn't so good after all.
    This is becoming an all too familiar sight (albeit this time with clothes):

    Best of luck Yuki, and remember to keep us updated.
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    I have received the game and am starting to play now. Should keep me busy while BioWare fix the face import bug in ME3. I'll post again later today.

    Update: Oh well. Tomorrow then.
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    I am finding this very interesting. I will have to look the details of this game up.
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    You can grab a trial off of their site. It'll let you play the game unrestricted until about level 6 or so -- enough to get a decent idea of the game.

    Make sure it's Warband though, the original isn't nearly as polished. Haven't tried Fire&Sword to be honest.
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    Steam has a demo laying around so might give that a whirl. Then again Age of Decadence has a beta out and I think WoW's Mists of Pandaria beta is out too. So much gaming to do.
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    Fire & Sword is quite good, but has many differences. It's based in Europe for once and features gunpowder in a much higher rate.
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    (I'll be providing flavour text as usual and tactical advice directly below the images in parenthesis. You might just learn something.)

    I dunno how the hell you manage to keep a character in this sorry state after having one week to improve on him but hey if I get a week too we'll have won the game by then considering my progress so far.

    I find the all-father in the worst possible state, recently having been captured by a band of deserters. Dragged about for days, knocked around, having his possessions robbed of him, possibly raped. You know, the usual.

    The first thing I do (basically the first thing you should do) for some free experience points is visit the old warrior living out his last days teaching the young of his art. Brutally maiming people after kicking them in the crotch. Then killing them. Oh, it's all very safe. Wooden swords and what-not. With enough enthusiasm you can still kill someone with them, but not Velorien. His weathered old hide can't withstand many blows, and if fielded into a lord's army would probably be one of the first to die. From attrition. That's why we're here though, to assure we don't die before the battle begins. Somehow the "old" warrior looks younger than Velorien himself.


    It would appear Velorien is faster than one might think. It's almost as though he has an experienced player controlling him.
    He quickly beats all the opposition without even taking a hit.

    (Because single combat in this game is the easiest thing ever even on higher difficulties. It's when they're many you need to watch out.)

    We leave the field with a sense of pride and entitlement. Feeling like he's ready for anything, Velorien seems to think it's time to begin recruiting for our mercenary band. And since we're in Swadia, the land famed for its heavy cavalry, we force a few Swadian peasants into service. For some meagre pay and a promise of three square meals and camaraderie.

    So Velorien is now officially a mercenary captain. Well, more like an old mad man running around the woods looking for criminals whom would offer up their spears as a resting place for his soldiers. So I guess kinda like a vigilante.

    This picture was snapped of our band right before half of them died in a brutal battle against a few looters.

    (If you use Steam, you can press the F12 key to take a screenshot.)

    But that's life for a starting mercenary. If you die, you die. If you live, you die anyway, at a later occasion. But maybe you'll have more money and better equipment. We stride around the Swadian highlands for a while, taking out looters as we go. Eventually we run into a predicament, as a band of deserters, those foul ginger apes, are nearing at a dangerous speed. We make a tactical retreat and run right into the field train of a Swadian lord. He does not even know how he just saved all our hides, but we follow his band for a while, as our combined forces are able to scare away smaller, more experienced bands. Criminal ones!

    (This is a very good technique to memorize for the future, ladies and gentlemen. Hostiles run at the sight of larger bands, so if you follow one, your trip should be a little less dangerous.)

    As we find ourselves on the cold, northern coast of Calradia, the Nord lands, Velorien realizes the Nord are infamous for their strong shock troops, the Huscarl! He pulls the same stunt as he did back in Swadia, but with increased confidence about his chances of success this time around. Because he has an idea. Go back to the training field to knock some sense into our peasants, maybe teaching them a thing or two in the process. Sparring is a good way to not only train your troops, but take out some aggressions on the ginger members of your party.

    (Always train them in pairs. It's more efficient and they usually both run after you in a straight line trying to get a hit in, which you can easily block. Deal with one, then the other. You should be able to pull this off even at lower levels. If you're confident/higher level, you can face off against up to four (!) of your soldiers at once!)

    We're coming along nicely. Already a low-rate mercenary band without even having taken on a single contract yet. All our equipment looted and our men freshfaced young ones, we could whip this company into shape with a little effort. And some divine intervention.
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    What do you mean 'in a sorry state'? I've said before that I prefer playing the game solo or with a small group of companions rather than with a horde of underlings. It's more of a challenge and you don't have to worry about all of your lower tier troops dying or training more higher-tier ones when they die (I can, and did, solo several groups of 15-20 looters and so on without any issue).

    You also don't have a week to play; however if you leave the game for a week without any form of update then I'll hand over control to the next player. See the OP for details

    Nice job otherwise though -- keep it up.
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    (emphasis mine)
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    This still alive?
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    Yuki has like a full week, bro.

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