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  1. Muro

    Muro New Member

    Thing is, I was a happy user of the old version up to the time the new one came out, at which point I disposed of the first when after realising the new one introduces a lot of new possibilities without leaving out any of the old ones, hence my curiosity.
  2. Drog Alt

    Drog Alt New Member

    The installation is dead simple. Just put the .dat file into your Arcanum folder. No need to create any folders or anything.
  3. Thank you all,

    @Drog Alt,

    So place the .dat file into:




    I do not mean to be obtuse, it is that I really do not know these things well.

    Thank you,

  4. Drog Alt,

    I just tried it.

    I deleted all the folders I created in the data file.

    I placed the Virgil hack in the Arcanum folder = Nothing. I deleted it.

    I placed it in the data folder = Nothing. I deleted it.

    I placed it in the Modules/Arcanum folder = Nothing. I deleted it.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Maybe it does not work with the UAP?

    is that it?

  5. Drog Alt

    Drog Alt New Member

    Jesus Christ...

    Download the new version from this post. Simply put the file into your Arcanum root folder.

    How hard can this be?! You download a file to a certain folder. THAT'S IT!
  6. Drog Alt,

    What you indicate is simple enough, I understand that. I have done it twice, and it has not worked. I do not know why.

    I think that I may have put something in before that may be hindering it from working. So, I will try again. But understand that I have done what you say already.

    I am going to uninstall the game. Install it again. Put in the official patch, and then the UAP. After that I will put in this debug hack and see if that works.

    If it does not work, then I do not know the reason for it not working.

  7. Folks,

    I tried it a few differnt ways. It seems that the New Virgil Hack is not compatible with the UAP. I believe that this has been why it has not been working for me.

    I installed the game again, and the official patch. The the Virgil hack, and it worked great, it is a thing of beauty. But since the UAP grants us more content, I will go with that instead. I will try the cap level off hack next.

    Thanks for the patience,

  8. Drog Alt

    Drog Alt New Member

    It IS compatible with the UAP. I know this because I made it myself, specifically for the UAP. Please just stop posting in this thread, you're obviously "not very good with computers".

    Somebody delete all these meaningless double posts.
  9. hal900x

    hal900x New Member

    I have the exact same problem, and I tried it every folder from the root on down. Not that the instructions were in ANY way vague, but I figured what the heck. I have the final UAP, in case that's relevant. Don Santiago and I seem to have a similar issue.

    Edit: A little testing reveals that in my case, the issue was using savegames containing the resurrected "new" Virgil. Starting a virgin game it works fine, I see all the options. I'm not programmer, but maybe the second Virgil has a different identifier of some sort?
  10. Drog Alt

    Drog Alt New Member

    Yes, this doesn't work with either Surly Virgil or Zen Virgil, since their dialogs are completely different.
  11. hal900x,

    You inspired me to try this again, and this time it worked.

    I downloaded it again, and put it in the same place as before. It worked this lastest time. I do not know what I did wrong before, but it is working now.

    Although at this point I will not play the game with this hack, I will try it with the universal cap remover and see if I can do some of the things I wanted to do.

    Thanks for posting, it is good to know that it does work.

  12. Question

    Question New Member

    I put the .dat file into the folder, and i have the normal virgil (only up till the black mountain clan so far). When i talk to Virgil, i dont get the debug menue option...
  13. Muro

    Muro New Member

    What is your game version?
  14. Question

    Question New Member

    It should be the one with the unofficial patch, but i dont see any version numbers ingame...
  15. Muro

    Muro New Member

    Official version can be checked in Arcanum/Version.txt.
    Version of the unofficial patch can be checked in Arcanum/UAP Readme/uap.html.
  16. Question

    Question New Member

    091225 (December 25th, 2009)
  17. Muro

    Muro New Member

    And your official version? If it's,
    ArcanumXVirgilDebug.dat is placed in your Arcanum folder,
    there is no older version of the debug menu in the data folder
    and yet the debug menu does not appear when you tell Virgil you have some questions
    then I don't know what can be the source of the problem.
  18. Question

    Question New Member

    Did a full re-install after deleting the sub folders in the arcanum folder....there was probably a conflict somewhere, because it works now. Thanks.
  19. rpg

    rpg New Member

    Woaah, this module and specifically this thread did quite a good job for me.

    I killed the firearms master, without knowing that he was the master.
    And now when I needed the master training, I figured it out.
    Did lots of google/searching, character editor, hex editor etc. stuff but couldn't resolve the issue by either re-spawning the npc or modifying my firearms stats. However this virgil debug menu, just had the option to make my character master at firearms, so 1 click and bingo !

    Thanks a lot!
    Sorry, to bump an old thread but this is still handy !
  20. NoRudeLaw

    NoRudeLaw New Member

    Out of curiosity, is it possible to get a duplicate version of this mod/hack that also functions with the quote/unquote "Zen-Virgil" (the "enhanced" version of Virgil that you only get after doing all of his personal quest, and bringing him back from said "gray place" - sorry, at least trying to keep the question with low spoilers)?

    I noticed that the file doesn't function with the version of Virgil you gain after the events at T'sen-Ang, and would really like to be able to use at least the ability to return from the Void, which the enhanced version of Virgil doesn't have, as he doesn't have the debug menu..

    Thanks, to anyone who's able to provide some some insight.

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