User uploadable / custom avatars?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by DarkUnderlord, Nov 16, 2005.

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Make it so users can have their own custom avatars?

  1. My small mind won't tolerate this affront on the lovely gallery method we currently employ.

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  2. Bring back ye olde rank system with the pots and Magick Flying Blade.

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  3. Yay!

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  1. DarkUnderlord

    DarkUnderlord Administrator Staff Member

    I'm thinking keep the gallery for those who want to choose but also allow users to upload their own custom avatar. I feel the time's¹ have moved on and such.

    ¹There should be an apostrophe in there somewhere, right?
  2. mrnobodie

    mrnobodie New Member

    Hmmm, I find myself in somewhat of a quandary over this, I would like to see the avatars opened up, (while keeping the gallery available), but, I do feel that custom avatars should be some sort of "reward" for loyallty or good behaviour etc... I guess my proposal would be to have the gallery available for all user's whether newbie or not, and then have some scipting which after, say, one year of membership have acess to be able to have your own choice of individual avatar.
  3. mathboy

    mathboy New Member

    I want post count ranks, like it was when I came here.
  4. floyd

    floyd New Member

    Custom avatars, of course. It's what a lot of boards do and there's nothing wrong with it. An avatar should be something personal.
  5. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    Well said.
  6. Peter Quincy

    Peter Quincy New Member

    I agree, but I really don't know what sort of avatar I'd want if it opened up. A custom avatar is such a difficult thing...
  7. Vyenna

    Vyenna New Member

    I want it the way it is now. Getting a personal avatar is a really cool reward. If we'd have to change it though, I'll vote for the way it was before me.
  8. Vorak

    Vorak Active Member Staff Member

    Indeed, Snowy's avatar is a quaint reminder of a more civilised time.
  9. Canis

    Canis New Member

    So if the rank system wins in the poll will you actually bring it back, or were you just being a tease?
  10. Bunny

    Bunny New Member

    Lazy bastards hardly change.

    I agree with Vyenna.
  11. DarkUnderlord

    DarkUnderlord Administrator Staff Member

    Well, I threw it in as an option 'cause I knew a few people liked it. Though I do wonder if that wasn't because the forums were more active then and there's some kind of reminiscing / association thing happening.

    But given it's winning the poll so far, I could do.

    Another thing I've noticed is that for an Arcanum forum, we don't have any Arcanum protraits available in the gallery... Which I've now just stolen from the Codex and added in. So check 'em out in your profile if you want Arcanum piccy's.

    ... and why do we have Fallout images available? What's with that?

    I've also added back in that "Anti-Paladin" one that keeps disappearing for some reason too. As well as a few others which have also, seemingly gone missing for some bizarre reason.
  12. Vorak

    Vorak Active Member Staff Member

    I'm back in business.

    Thanks DU.
  13. floyd

    floyd New Member

    What is it with you guys? Custom avatars are way better than some flaming sword thingy or whatever.
    That said: I'm glad to see that one is now finally able to use an avatar from Arcanum itself. That's almost as good as a custom avatar. Thanks.
  14. rosenshyne

    rosenshyne New Member

    if a lot of other boards jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? saving custom avatars for those we find deserving is unique, and we should keep it. although, if you just HAVE to be nice, you could put an age limit on it... after a certain amount of time as a member, you can put your own custom avatar. just qualify it, like self-made customs can't make their own title, so it's still in your best interest to cultivate good relations with the forum as a whole.

  15. Russell

    Russell New Member

    This is the only thing that bothers me about this website/forum. It's like people are being picked favorites, and I feel left out, especially as being a graphic designer, and can't share my Arcanum style stuff on here AS AN AVATAR.

    But I'm not a staff member, I can't do anything about it. But I'm glad this post was made, so I could add my 2 cents to it. I voted YAY on it, because it's the only one suitable for my answer on this subject. Thanks.
  16. Xz

    Xz New Member

    You also posted in an over three year old thread. And yes people are being picked favourites, the people who stay around for a long time. But not even those of us who have an avatar not in the gallery get to chose our own.
  17. Vorak

    Vorak Active Member Staff Member

    The customs are chosen for you, its a tradition here and it helps make this place a little more unique. So people without a custom actually have more choice in what their avatar is (unless you are a power abusing admin).
  18. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    Personally, I'm still in favour of the old system. Times must go on I guess.
  19. Xz

    Xz New Member

    Yeah, I want the old rail road spike back...

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