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Discussion in 'Roleplaying Forum' started by Grakelin, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. Grakelin

    Grakelin New Member

    I'm going to use the basic ruleset from the other forum I saw this on, in that each round (let's say a week), you get a certain number of Acts (probably between 3-6 for speed purposes). A single act counts as a single major action, such as creating a race or a landmass or an alternate plane where you can suck up souls when they die. I'll give an example below.

    All of Arthgon's questions: I don't see why not. You're a deity, so you can do whatever you want, really. The only rules are that you only get so many actions per week, and you can't contradict what other people have done. An example of this is that if Grossenschwam makes a race of Frog people, you can't say the Frog people never existed, but you can send a plague to harm them.

    I guess if people start actively attacking eachother's stuff, I can put in some sort of arbitrary conflict resolution system, too.

    I'll start, and you can use this as an example of how to formulate your posts:

    We will start with 6 Acts, so we can really play around a bit.

    In the beginning, there was nothing. And then there was something. The Nothingness started to form a universe. In this universe, he created an orb of water, and he created an orb of fire. The orb of water floated, suspended next to the orb of fire.

    The Nothingness then formed Somethingness from the Nothingness. He created a set of Deities, sparking them with vast sentience.

    The Nothingness was getting very tired now, but he pressed on. While the Deities were growing accustomed to their sudden new existences, noticed that half of the Orb was very dark. He decided to make it spin, so that the dark half would get to be bright too. Finally, the Nothingness formed into a series of distant fiery orbs, each of which was very far away, offering light to the watery orb at night time, but not heat.

    Act One: Started the Universe
    Act Two: Put a big Watery Orb in the Universe
    Act Three: Created a Big Firey Orb next to the big Watery Orb.
    Act Four: Created a series of Deities.
    Act Five: Made the Watery Orb spin.
    Act Six: Made the stars.

    So in our example (which is also the origin of the universe) the Nothingness has spent his six Acts to build a planet, some life (the deities, us), and a sun. Cool stuff!

    I put a summary of everything the Nothingness did on the bottom, just so that it would be very clear what I did.
  2. Wolfsbane

    Wolfsbane New Member

    One of the Deitys inspected the watery orb in the midst of the nothingness, and found both peace and emptyness in it's calm waters. The Deity enjoyed the peace, but it also felt an eagerness to add its own brand to the still untouched creation. It thought long an hard on what it wanted to create, and finally decided upon something. All of a sudden, huge masses of rock and dirt erupted from the depths below the surface, splitting the up til recently undisturbed waters. There was now not only water on the orb, but also land. The Deity was pleased with it's creation, and withdrew from the creation for the time being to contemplate it's next addition.

    Action 1: Created Land.

    (This is how it's played, yes?)
  3. The_Bob

    The_Bob New Member

    Another Deity observed as the powers toyed with this new world and found their masterpiece lacking.

    It descended upon the physical plane, and spread the divine arms to welcome this new creation. Sweeping through the empty void beyond the orb, the hands collected matter and energy, them locked together, crushing it between them. Rays of light shone upon the watery world, jets of plasma and debris sprayed from between the giant fingers. When the Deity withdrew its hands, a sun was born, to illuminate the masterpiece others had created.

    It observed the aftermath and awed at the beauty that the light unraveled. Yet it was imperfect still, for only a part of the world was lit. Thus, the divine hand thrust the orb forward, to orbit around its sun, so that all lands would in time receive their share of light.

    Soon, the debris left from the creation of the star began to spiral toward the planet. Fire rained from the sky, upsetting the serene oceans and scarring the pristine lands. The Deity pinched some of the matter between its fingers and launched a tiny rock at the orb. Thus, a moon was set to shield the planet from excess debris.

    The Deity rested after this task, considering the improvements it has committed.

    1:create sun
    2:make the planet go around the sun
    3:create moon
  4. Xiao_Caity

    Xiao_Caity New Member

    A third Diety looked down upon the land and found it warmed it, and was also filled with potential. This diety walked across the land, and wherever it went it left behind great forests and rolling grasslands. It looked upon these new things and decided that they were good.

    The Diety decided that it liked this land, and so created a special place in the heart of the deepest forest, where it laid down to rest.

    Act 1: Created plant life.
    Act 2: Created a haven for myself.
  5. Wolfsbane

    Wolfsbane New Member

    The Deity who'd first touched the creation it had been born to returned to the watery orb and found it altered. The land it had created had been filled with life, and a smaller orb of rock and dirt now circulated the first. While these things were good in the eyes of the Deity, there was still something wrong with the creation. There was a stillness, a lasting lack of change, that disturbed the otherwise very content being. So it created wind to move all things on the orb, plant and water alike, and also created that which would become the most absolute factor of change in creation, ever: it created death. Plants would live and grow, but they would also eventually die and wither away to give space to other living beings. This was good in the eyes of the Deity, and it felt that the now fully functional creation needed a name. The name came naturally to its head; this place was after all just that to the Deity. Home, it said, Your name will be home, and all who know you will henceorth call you so.

    Having done all this, the Deity felt it could retire for the time being. There would be more things to do later.

    Action 2: Created Wind
    Action 3: Created Death
    Action 4: Named the watery orb "Home"
  6. Arthgon

    Arthgon Active Member

    Another deity came upon this world, and saw what the other deities have missed or overlooked. Now with a mere thought and a flick of his wrist, he started new life by molding forms from clay. Some creatures he gave wings, and feathers. Others he gave hair, and four legs. Many were small or very big. He saw that it was good, and gave them life and sentience. The last bit of clay were used to make the insects, who will feed on the plants, and bring new life to them. Insects and herbivores ate plants. Carnivores in turn ate insects and herbivores, and other carnivores again ate carnivores. So started the food chain.

    Tired, he made his home in the deep forest, and rested.

    Act 1: Created animals.
    Act 2: Created insects.
    Act 3: Started the food chain.
    Act 4: Made his haven.
  7. The_Bob

    The_Bob New Member

    The Deity descended upon the land and awed at how it teemed with life. Yet it found it purposeless, crawling upon the perfect creation to no greater cause then continued existence. As the generations of plants and animals came to be and perished, mere flicks of time for the almighty being, its dissatisfaction grew.

    The giant hand fell upon the southern land mass and wiped it clean off all life. In a wave of light and fire, all living things perished, birds struck from the air and plants uprooted, just to be annihilated by the power of the Deity's discontent. Once the quakes subsided and the ashes uncovered the sun, the mass was but a clean slate, a perfectly smooth mirror, not yet cooled despite the months that passed. Thus, the foundations for the Temple of Purpose were laid.

    The Deity then inspected the world and was further saddened by the damage the months of darkness has done. Its powers were unfit to shape this world further, thus it formed a dozen avatars on the clean slate. A dozen fires sparked around the clean slate and towering golems rose from the molten land. Their forms were those of plants and animals of this world, their flesh of stone and their breath of fire and steam.

    The two plant-like avatars, powerful bulls of stone, overgrown with moss and thorn bushes, were sent to seek out the Deities who made their residence on this world.

    Six winged beasts of obsidian launched into the air, spread across the world to relay the will of the Deities. They would sit at the highest peaks of the land and wait for their tasks.

    The diety was tired, yet felt there was one more act that must've been done before it could rest. It pulled at the land in the middle of the mirror plain. The glazed rock cracked, razor shards of crystal launched into the air, and a mountain burst from beneath the clouds of crystal dust. Lava and flame burst from within, fiery cracks traveling to the edges of the continent.

    The golems set forth to carve the Temple of Purpose in the sides of the mountain, using the lava to sculpt towering walls and a labyrinth of halls, all leading to the plateau above the fiery pit where the Deities would meet to discuss the purpose of the world.

    The creatures labored through day and night, never tiering of their tasks, until the noise stopped and flames no longer illuminated the mountain wall. The temple was complete and its caretakers froze at its foot.

    The Deity then retired into the hot volcano, content with its creation.

    4: wipe the southern continent
    5: create 12 avatars
    6: create the Temple of Purpose
  8. Zanza

    Zanza Active Member

    The fifth Deity awakened and noticed a world, teeming with life and possibilities. Noticing the variety of animals the Fourth Deity had created before him he pondered what his first act would be. The Third Deity had created an strange place that he could not explore. It was surrounded by trees and had a sense of tranquility to it. Affronted by the fact this one could not enter this sanctuary a devious plot began to unfold in its mind. Once again perusing over the variety of animals, the Fifth Deity did not find a suitable creature, however it turned towards the insects. The insects worked tirelessly towards their goals, this was a trait the Fifth Deity admired. Studying the insects more, it discovered a insect that would suit its needs, the scarab. Whispers that would turn a sentient being to madness did not have the same effect on the insect, instead it encouraged the scarabs to continue to breed, larger versions of themselves. After several quickly produced generations, giant monstrosities of the scarabs where born. More whispers into the minds of these creatures encouraged them to form a collective, a hive mind in which the Fifth Deity could speak to all of them at once. The Drones have been born.

    Act 1 Created the Drones, the workforce and manual labour of a soon to be sentient race.
  9. Xiao_Caity

    Xiao_Caity New Member

    The Diety who slept awoke to find the world and itself changed. With the new life came new identity, and the Diety now knew herself to be Marbeth, the Lady of Nature. She looked around at the desolation of the southern continent and was saddened by the death that had been wrought there.

    And yet, though there had been much chaos and pain, there was much new life that brought her joy. She stretched her hands out and the small creatures came to her, and she blessed them. She raised her voice to the sky and the birds answered. She howled as a wolf and the animals of prey echoed her cries. She took in those who answered her calls the best, and she blessed them with strength, speed and intellect to act as her messengers and servants.

    She watched the fifth Diety and frowned, and knew that her home would be a target. She gathered much of her energy and stretched the borders of her safe place, until an entire forest was her unassailable domain. Her messengers carried her words to their kind, and soon she was surrounded by creatures of the land and the air.

    And yet something was missing. She realised that there was no water, and this saddened her. She took her tears and threw them into the sky, where they became the first rains. And she looked at her lands and she was content.

    Act 3: Gained an Identity.
    Act 4: Created her servants.
    Act 5: Increased the size of her Haven.
    Act 6: Created rain.
  10. Arthgon

    Arthgon Active Member

    The fourth deity took on his turn the predators under his wing, and blessed them. He gave them strength, speed, intelligent, and learned them to hunt. His identity was clear Salvas The Hunter. After a long journey into the other part of the forest, Salvas asked Marbeth, the Lady of Nature which aspect of nature she will represents.

    Act 5: Created his own servants.
    Act 6: Gained an identity.
  11. Zanza

    Zanza Active Member

    Happy with the progress the drones were making in building a huge beehive like structure that extended kilometres in the air as well as into the ground, the Fifth Deity decided the next stage to his plan was ready. Hundreds of thousands of eggs lay in the incubation section of the hive, the deity began to twist and morph the contents giving the drones inside a humanoid figure while retaining their insect body. These would become the Regals, the governing body of the Fifth Deity's creations. Next with the remaining eggs of this generation of drones the Fifth Deity began to twist them in a different direction, morphing them into a deadly six legged creature of unmeasurable ferocity (look like the bugs from starship troopers). These would become the Reavers, the wrath of the Fifth Deity.

    The Fifth Deity whispered into the minds of the Regals, urging them to build monuments within their hive to worship it. The Regals gave the deity a name, they named it Salekriss which meant 'The Whisperer' in their newly created language. Obelisks were erected to honour Salekriss, pleased with their loyalty, it bestowed an energy that would radiate from the obelisks. The obelisks had a purple aura surround them, these obelisks allowed Salekriss direct control over any creature who worshiped it as long as they were within a ten kilometre radius. When Salekriss assumed direct control over a creature their hard exoskeletons would reveal cracks, a bright light would emanate from those cracks and the creature would gain superior strength and speed while losing their control until Salekriss returned the husk to the original mind of the creature.

    Act 2: Created the Regals
    Act 3: Created the Reavers
    Act 4: Made the three races sentient and gave them language (therefore gaining an identity
    Act 5: Taught the obelisk structures to the insects
    Act 6: Powered the obelisks with his aura allowing direct control over any worshiper.
  12. Xiao_Caity

    Xiao_Caity New Member

    Marbeth welcomed Salvas with open arms, recognising a fellow Diety of the wild. She told him that her domain was the wilds of the forest, the places where the trees grew old and wise and the animals heard her song. She would not interfere with his comings and goings, as his role was vital for the continuation of life, and he and his chosen would always have safe passage through her lands.

    (I do NOT count clarifying my role at the request of others to be an Act.)
  13. Wolfsbane

    Wolfsbane New Member

    The first Deity came back to Home and inspected the changes made by its fellow gods and godesses. There were now mighty temples raised in their name, peoples worshiping them and huge areas of land occupied by them and their servants. And even though there was some trouble brewing, Home was because of the Deities presence a quiet, almost static place. But there would be change, and that change would come now. The Deity went to where the insect people lived and breathed out upon them a terrible wind filled with sickness and despair. It watched as the people suffered and died of the plague, and considered it's next move. There had to be more change, more uncertain things happening for the Deity to be content with its work. So it once again went to the insect people in the shape of an idea, or rather an obsession. The insects were convinced that whatever creatured lured in the Temple of Purpose was behind their blight, and that only its undoing would end the suffering. So the insect people went to war with the temple, both causing terrible and irreversible damage but also dying in hordes while doing so. With the terrible war raging across the southern continent and the plague pestering the insect people, the first Deity decided it was done with creation for now and went back to the nothingness to wait.

    Action 5: Sent a terrible plague to the Drones, Reavers and Regals.
    Action 6: Made the Drones, Reavers and Regals believe that the Deity of the southern continent was beind the plague, thus making them go to war against it.
  14. Grossenschwamm

    Grossenschwamm New Member

    And the sixth deity awoke, seeing the world as everything new and exciting. The deity gave innocence to the young and experience to the old, allowing minds to grow and expand with age. Seeing the great variety of flora and fauna in the forests, the deity chose to add diversity to the water, making huge coral reefs that grew past the watery surface, with massive, flowing growths of kelp and fish inhabitants with scales and vacant looks on their faces. The water seemed lonely with just the fish, so sharks were added with rough, toothed skin and powerful jaws as well as their competition in the form of mammals and reptiles. These creatures would find their place in the water, and live in a web of mutual competition. This place suited the deity, and it recognized lively waterfronts and beaches as its home. It found a name, Urdou, Lord of the Sea, and as Urdou he gave sapience to the higher life in the sea. Finally, Urdou gave questions to the world, the wondering of the unknown. Questions naturally apply to the sea, but questions will always remain in the world above.

    Act 1: Created wisdom
    Act 2: Created life in the sea
    Act 3: Created a haven
    Act 4: Found a name
    Act 5: Gifted intelligence to higher sea life
    Act 6: Created questions
  15. floyd

    floyd New Member

    And betwixt all this divine turmoil, a seventh deity awoke by simply opening its eyes. And the seventh deity looked around quietly and it saw how the other deities had already been busy spreading the seeds of decay, the roots of evil, and the seventh deity murmured and sighed.
    "I have seen this before," it whispered, "I will not witness it again. I need to intervene."
    And without any further ado the seventh deity created Chuck Norris and some guns and ammo.
    Chuck Norris smiled as the seventh deity then held its breath until it turned blue as a Smurf and suffocated.

    Act 1: deity opened its eyes
    Act 2: deity looked around
    Act 3: deity murmered and sighed
    Act 4: deity whispered something meaningful
    Act 5: deity created Chuck Norris and some ammo and guns
    Act 6: deity killed itself by auto-assfixiation

    NOTE: Seeing as how I killed off my deity, I shall continue this epic tale as Chuck Norris. I will edit in later which guns he comes equipped with (besides his fists, of course).
  16. Grakelin

    Grakelin New Member

    It appears nobody new will post, so I will move on.

    One Hundred Years since the beginning of Time had passed. In this time, the Nothingness had begun to break apart into many pieces. One of these pieces was Grakklespazz, Lord of the Arcane. He collapsed onto Home in the form of a glowing ball of brilliant light. As Salekriss's vast sentient race marched toward the Southern Continent, they looked up in terror, fearing that their lives were soon to be forfeit to this great gleaming fireball.

    When Grakklespazz struck, however, he did not destroy the planet. Instead, he burrowed straight through into the ground, digging a kilometre-wide hole into the ground. Down and down he went, until he reached the very centre of Home, wherein he promptly exploded. Dazzling, pulsating light shone from the Hole, momentarily causing the night sky to go as bright as day. Then there was silence.

    Deep below Home's surface, Grakklespazz tore himself a new plane of existence, this one far less ideal than the one above. He protected the gateway to his plane with searing magma which would slowly melt away most anything it came into contact with. To ensure he did not also destroy Home, he also created Adamantine, a dark-blue, crystalic metal which simply absorbed the intense heat of Grakklespazz's gateway.

    Grakklespazz's plane was an empty one. He was uncertain of what to do with it. So he forged from the magma an army of scouts, three foot tall creatures with sharp claws that would allow them to climb through the Adamantine tunnels, up the Adamantine walls, and all the way up the Hole, until they reached Home, where the five other Deities laid their domain. Their scales were blood red, their fangs sharp, and each of their four limbs were equally usable for running and grabbing. He called them Gricks, blessed them with just enough intelligence to be able to report back to him, and sent them up the Hole. Their sole task was to carry anything they could down the Hole for study, alive or dead.

    The first few creatures arrived dead, their bodies torn to pieces by the fall and melted by the intense heat. Grakklespazz fell into a slumber, contemplating how to fix this problem. He saw no need to tell the Gricks to stop.

    Act One: Become Grakklespazz, broke off from the Nothingness.
    Act Two: Crashed into Home, leaving a kilometre-wide hole that sank to the centre of Home.
    Act Three: Caused the centre of Home to burn with hot magma.
    Act Four: Created Adamantine, an extremely resistant metal that could survive the magma.
    Act Five: Created an empty Plane within Home, accessible via the Adamantine tunnel network near the bottom of the Hole.
    Act Six: Created the Gricks, small, lizard-like creatures which carry things down the Hole.

    I'm thinking of making every 'turn' (persay) a hundred years, with optional voting to decrease or increase this time. Agree/disagree?
  17. Arthgon

    Arthgon Active Member

    Impressed by her kind words, beauty, and personality he gave his word as a fellow Deity of Nature that he will help her in times of dire need. Also, as a token of friendship, and because he was concerned about the real intentions or motives of some of the other deities, Salvas laid a very strong enchantment of protection upon the whole forest. Through this enchantment their servants and animals were safe. Salvas looked up into the sky, and saw a ball of brilliance fell upon this world. While observing through the eyes of wandering animals, he discovered that the impact has turned everything in a wasteland there. The animals traveled further with great caution. Now they came across The Hole, Gricks, and some of the twisted insectoids. After seeing this, the animals fled out the wasteland.

    Act 1: Vow of helping her in times of dire need.

    Act 2: Cast a strong enchantment of protection upon the whole forest.

    Agree. Also, is it still possible that we have a weekly wrap-ups?
  18. Zanza

    Zanza Active Member

    Salekriss the Whisperer watched as the fireball descended upon a horde of his insectoid minions. Their deaths would would be only a minor setback for the colony as they reproduced at exponential rates. The effect of the blast had scorched the earth in with the their colony resides. It was the plague that worried him the most, it was tearing through their anatomy like a knife through butter. As Salekriss pondered what to do about his minions he noticed a remarkable change, the surviving insectoids began to adapt to the plague, they even started to harvest it. They began to transform into more rabid and sinister creatures that not even Salekriss could control. This unfortunate turn of events forced Salekriss to submerge the colony of insectoids beneath the now barren wastes in which they inhabited. 100 kilometers below the surface they would remain, it would take them at least 1000 years before they managed to reach the top.

    Knowing that his previous efforts had been made redundant, Salekriss began to insidiously plan his next move to corrupt this world. Noticing the Gricks and their limited capacity to perform menial tasks, Salekriss forced a few of his obelisks that had been submerged with the insectoid races to the surface. They were strategically risen across the entire continent so that he would have the ability to influence any sentient creature that made curiously research the meaning of the glyphs on them. One of the obelisks caught the attention of a few Gricks, not knowing what this strange object was they combined their efforts and tore it out of the ground then carried it down the great hole. Salekriss now had a direct means of communicating with the deity Grakklespazz, this also gave him an opening to Grakklespazz's haven.

    Act 1: submerged the insectoid races of the regels, reavers and drones - will resurface in 1000 years unless a deity intervenes.

    Act 2: Forced the obelisks above ground, this time they have been positioned around the entire continent - be wary deities your follows may become curious.

    Act 3: Established a link to the obelisk carried into Grakklespazz's home allowing him to whisper into the simple minds of the Gricks, no his power is limited to only that in such a powerful haven.

    (I counted the third to be an act as it would be unfair of me to just assume the Gricks would carry it, lets just say they heard the whispers)

    (( I agree with 100 years a turn, Arthgon I would consider that to be an act))
  19. Xiao_Caity

    Xiao_Caity New Member

    Marbeth was touched by Salvas' kindness, and granted new life and strength to his creatures, that they might serve him better.

    Despite her alliance with Salvas and the many creatures who shared her home, Marbeth was lonely, and so she set to the task of creating new life from the trees. Finally, the first and greatest of the Dryads was born, and she was pleased. The dryads spread quickly throughout her forest, and all was good.

    Finally, she created a great nut with an impermeable shell and set it where the Gricks would hopefully find it and take it to the new diety. Its shell could only be broken by a divine being, and when it was done, she would use the nut inside to speak with the new god and determine his intentions.

    Act 1: Increased the strength and lifespan of Salvas' chosen creatures.
    Act 2: Created the dryads and spread them throughout her forest.
    Act 3: Created a way of contacting Grakklespazz and left it where the Gricks would find it.

    ((I'm all for 100 years/turn.))
  20. Wolfsbane

    Wolfsbane New Member

    The first deity once again came to earth and inspected the changes made by the other gods and godesses. There were now more minions and havens spread out through the world, and of Salekriss insects there was no sight. But once again there was something horribly wrong with the world; events were unfolding and creatures lived and died but nothing was actually happening. The forests stood unchallanged and great hole remained untouched.

    So the being went to the dryads of the forests in the shape of a thought and made them believe that none but them and their masters animal minions should be allowed beneath the crowns of the trees, and that all else who ventured there should die by their hand.

    Then it went to the great nut placed at the site of the hole by lady Marbeth and opened it. It filled it with fiery death and destruction that would be unleashed once the nut entered the hole, and then sealed i shut once again to be carried into the home of Grakklespazz.

    Pleased with its work for the time being, the deity went back to the nothingness to wait.

    Act 1: Made the Dryads hostile and aggressive to all but Lady Marbeths minions.

    Act 2: Corrupted the great nut to explode once carried into the hole.

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