Pelojian's Amulet?

Discussion in 'Arcanum Hints & Tips' started by martinam, Oct 15, 2002.

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  1. martinam

    martinam New Member

    Okay so the main quest help mentions in an off hand sort of way that you need pelojian's amulet when you walk on the cincles around the pond, in order for him to tallk to you. Where the hell to I get that amulet?
  2. Zubbus

    Zubbus New Member

    I think it was handed to me by Simian Tor.
  3. PoiuytMan

    PoiuytMan New Member

    Well, I find this quest annoying, I'll just post this text from Steven Carter's walkthrough on

    When you ask Tor about Vendigroth, he’ll tell you that only PELOJIAN, the
    founder of Tulla, can answer your question. The problem is that Pelojian has
    been dead for over a thousand years, and so you’ll have to figure out some
    way to speak to his spirit, which appears at his pool in the town square
    every night at midnight.

    Well, obviously, the solution has something to do with those symbols from the
    mural. If you walk around outside the main building, you’ll find four locked
    buildings with the large symbols on them, and you’ll find 16 pressure plates
    scattered around with the small symbols on them. What you need to do is open
    the doors of the locked buildings by successively standing on the correct
    pressure plates. In particular, you need to stand on the plates starting
    with the top symbol and then proceeding in a clockwise fashion. So for the
    plus-in-a-circle symbol, you need to step on the earth, air, water, and then
    fire plates, and then the door should open. (If you don’t want to step on
    the plates, you can also pick open or magically open the doors.)

    In each building you should find a canto, and in the plus-in-a-circle
    building you should also find an amulet. You have to wear the amulet to talk
    to Pelojian, but all the cantos do is tell you the correct order to step on
    the symbols surrounding the pool. (So you don’t actually have to open the
    other buildings unless you really want to.) For example, the starburst canto
    has the phrase ``there is only one step which begins a journey’’ and so the
    starburst symbol goes first. You could also just use trial and error to
    figure out the order: starburst, spiral, stick figure, plus-in-a-circle.

    So put on the medallion, step on the symbols surrounding the pool using the
    correct order (the three-pronged symbol goes last), and then talk to
    Pelojian. You don’t have to wait for midnight. Pelojian will give you some
    background information on Vendigroth and the Device, but mostly all he’ll do
    is mark Vendigroth on your map and warn you to be careful when you go there.

    -Poiuyt Man
  4. Evil Assassin

    Evil Assassin New Member

    You only have to open the building with a fire symbol outiside and try each possible order until you get the right one 9 quicksave each time 2 or more get lit up. You can also open the building with the disperse magic spelll.
  5. Shadygrove

    Shadygrove New Member

    You mean I don't have to read that pretenious poetry?
  6. Evil Assassin

    Evil Assassin New Member

    You don't have to read the poetry, but it will help in finding out the right code.

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