Discussion in 'Arcanum Hints & Tips' started by Masta Tank, Jan 14, 2003.

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  1. Masta Tank

    Masta Tank New Member

    Well it looks like I am new at the world of Arcanum so I need some help :)
    What does it means NP (it looks like some kind of penalty on some armours)& can the Hexxed dager be charged with spels or something else?

    I searched a lot in the forum but I could not find those answers so I hope you can tell me
  2. Lagash

    Lagash New Member

    NP means Noise Penalization... for prowiling mostly; if the number is negative, like in a Leather Armor (NP -10), it means it makes more noise! If the number is possitive, like the Elven Boots (+25), it means it makes you more silent.

    As for the Hexed Dagger, I don't know if it does anything, I think it's just ts show there're cursed items... there're some cool cursed items in the game... for example one of the best swords in the game: it's called Bangellian Scourge, it, as you asked, has some spells in it, but you can't activate them, they take effect when you hit with the sword (and depends on how much magic aptitude you have).

    I think that'll help. :)
  3. Serak Vulnar

    Serak Vulnar New Member

    for example one of the best swords in the game: it's called Bangellian Scourge, it,

    I'm begining to think you're partial to this weapon, Lagash. :smile: Now you realize there are OTHER weapons in the game. come to think of it, i've never found the Bangellian Scourge. Can you find it if you're good?
  4. Canis

    Canis New Member

    It's one of Stringy Pete's quests. If you're good, you bloody well better destroy it.
  5. Lagash

    Lagash New Member

    Of course you can find the Bangellian Scourge if you're good! Just go to (1180W, 289S) There it is!

    I use it sometimes I'm good, not only with evil characters, the problem is that using her makes you evil, and after the first accurate swing with it, your alignment will stay -100 until you manage to make it go up again (but what I care for the alignment if I have the Scourge!?).

    And, of course there're other weapons... the Ancestral Sword, Kryggird's Falchion... the Bangellian Scourge... oh, yes! Well, you can hit a golem or a robot and it doesn't break! Also it does poison damage each hit... and if you're very magickal it can do Quench life, and almost always casts Harm on your enemies! How not to like this cutie? :D
  6. Masta Tank

    Masta Tank New Member

    It looks like I'll make myself a killing machine with a good equipment :D

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