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Discussion in 'Arcanum Discussion' started by Turanar, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Turanar

    Turanar New Member

    Hello there !

    I recently get back to playing Arcanum, after playing it ten years ago, and I found the game as good as I remembered.

    By looking around the web, I found this interesting thread on this forum:
    The World of Arcanum – Interactive Map

    When I saw this, I said to myself: “Hey! Let’s use Google Map API to make an Interactive Map”

    So this little project of mine was born. Here is the result:

    At first, it was only the World Map, then I found Arcanum Panorama Maker (Russian link).
    Thanks to some translation tools, I understood how to create Town map from Drog’s High Resolution Town map pack.

    So on the world map, you can for example click on Tarant, and see all the Town maps for Tarant (City, Bate’s Mansion, Tarant Closed Sewers, etc.) and navigate the map with Google Map.

    Maps for the Void are found on Roseborough (after all, you are send to the void from the Ring of Brodgar – most of the time)

    You can download the whole project here (html, javascript and images) :

    With the .zip archive, you just have to unzip it in a folder, and double click on index.html to start navigating on Arcanum, no http server is required! Feel free to use it, and if you have any idea to expand or improve it, you can freely use these files.

    (PS: bear with my poor grammar, i tried my best to be as understandable as possible, but english is not my first language.)
  2. Jojobobo

    Jojobobo Active Member

    Welcome Turanar, and that's some very nice work! I've had fun messing around looking at the maps for certain locations that I don't frequently visit. Also don't worry about your english, it seems better than some of the regulars around here!

    About ideas to expand it, the only recommendations I have would be to:
    • Add to it unlisted locations, such as the fan graveyard and old blind master's house.
    • When an in-game map has a specific name, i.e. the dredge, use that name as opposed to what it is in the files (in that case Wheel Clan 6).
    However your work would still be great even if you didn't want to implement these minor points, so don't feel like you should if it's too much effort.
  3. Turanar

    Turanar New Member

    Thanks for the welcome !

    Well, i'm still going to tinker it a bit. At first it was just a little project to understand Google Map API. The townmaps are named as in the townmap folder in arcanum module, but yeah using a more user-friendly name (ie. Black Mountain Clan - Level 1) can be done.

    I also have in mind to do the same with the french game version (i still have my CD somewhere - with the World Map image in french) - and the gamearea.mes in french.

    I realized I never went into Caladon Castle Basement or the First Floor, and neither in the Blood Pool Dungeon.

    The missing town map are places without in game town map (you only have the blue globe icon). Too bad, but i'm not good enough with WorldEd to even know how to open Arcanum.dat ^^
  4. Pyotr

    Pyotr New Member

    Needs location maps on zoom, not by clicking.
  5. OdiProfanumVulgus

    OdiProfanumVulgus New Member

    French master race reporting in.

    Pas mal du tout. Je pense pas que quiconque fréquente ce forum ait besoin d'une carte pour s'orienter sur Arcanum, mais ça reste une initiative amusante.
  6. DivinePonies

    DivinePonies New Member

    This is brilliant!

    When playing game, Tarant seemed like some metropolis, and now when I can zoom out I realized that I actually got frequently lost in a mere village with few streets and buildings.
  7. ytzk

    ytzk New Member

    Excellent! Thanks a lot for posting this! And bienvenue!
  8. Wasted_Savior

    Wasted_Savior New Member

    My first play through I thought the boil was the extent of tarant and was slightly disappointed after I spent hours trying to kill uber orcs with molotov cocktails and no points in throwing skills... Then i realized that If i crossed the bridge there was a whole new area to explore.
  9. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    Okay for you if we carry this in our Download section as well?

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