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Discussion in 'Arcanum 2 Suggestion Forum' started by gargob, Jul 15, 2003.

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  1. gargob

    gargob New Member

    I think there should be more than just automations and arachnids. Maybe giant robots you can build and level cities. Or maybe you can build cars and do drivebys.
  2. Sleek_Jeek

    Sleek_Jeek New Member

    cars? yes. build them? not unless you want to.
    it would be cool if the built some roads between cities so you didnt have to walk everywhere that didnt have a train station, and buying generic cars would be cool, but not having to level up just to build them, also, how would drive bys help? its not Grand Theft Auto. if they put schematics for custom built parts you could add to a generic car that would be really awesome. but i still cant see vehicular combat as useful

    giant robots? are you nuts? go watch some anime. they need to put tanks in!
  3. gargob

    gargob New Member

    Cars you build them for faster travel and you can run over enemies.
    Better you can build laser guns and do drivebys.
  4. the_game_addict

    the_game_addict New Member

    you know if they let you build a warp time sub-type thing you know the one on the shades beach that would be cool
  5. Chunky944

    Chunky944 New Member

    You nuts are being totally irrational!!!
    Arcanum is based around fictional truth, i mean in 1895 did they have anything like laser guns you fool? NO. Sorry but i had to be blunt.
    Oh and cars back then went at like 2kmph seriously they had a person in front of it with a flag. Rather you could get a Vendigrothian car that you see when you let arronax return and rebuild it. You could get one of these for working for the Vendigrothian government for hunting giant spiders and gorillas :D
    Well thats my rave
  6. chrisbeddoes

    chrisbeddoes New Member

    I like cars in Arcanum.
  7. Lord Coldwolf

    Lord Coldwolf New Member

    Chrisbeddoes, have you made a this arcanum car mod ? :-?

    Of course you have :)

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