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Discussion in 'Vault of Folly' started by RodneyDaleBackFromTheVoid, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. i8ve ad well enoufgh of tghis klife. I cabn'tee begin to rexplain hoiw soryr i and.Am. I dont ewpecr anty simpathy friom ytou, i jyst want you to know that my trollinb here wasd my wau of ewscapin vrom realutty. I rtgret it inm sorry im so sorry. Tgus really i=aint whnen ij polease remember tyat yoi agv dun nno tgings wronga
    If ant1 wabnts tiio tajkl il mon sjype / lartt crty fro attebion
  2. Crypton

    Crypton New Member

    Let me guess, too much vodka? :p
  3. wobbler

    wobbler Active Member

    Post it on youtube.
  4. magikot

    magikot New Member

    I'm sure this one is my fault too, right? Nice attempt at pretending to be completely smashed too, but next time remember that it's damn near impossible to hit the = sign while drunk typing. unless you've never been at a computer and are typing via 'hunt and peck,' but we all know that isn't true in your case.

    Regardless, have fun pretending to commit suicide again in an attempt to 'invoke a reaction' from us. See you again in a few months when you make yet another account.
  5. TheDavisChanger

    TheDavisChanger New Member

    This thread has just as much substance, yet it has received only one seventh the attention as this thread.
  6. magikot

    magikot New Member

    Could just be because it's HWLFP. Though I'm suspicious of that ytzk account anyway. Seems like another incarnation of the Rodney Dale persona. Of course that could just be paranoia. Or Muro playing with another sock puppet. Even money on all 3 possibilities really.
  7. Frigo

    Frigo New Member

    Nah I don't think so ytzk is a sock puppet of HWLFP, he contributed too much with his Super Mega Meta Magic Abuse and his Spirit Army.
  8. ytzk

    ytzk New Member

    Just because I spit a bit of venom doesn't make me a troll. In fact I would have been on my best behaviour all round if the all important Fa-Q section wasn't so fucking confrontational, arrogant and basically provoking what it tries to stop.

    Besides which, RodneyDale, you know I'm not you. If you're desperately unhappy and a danger to yourself, I seriously suggest a good night's sleep and counselling, even if only a charity telephone service, something to keep you afloat overnight.
  9. Zanza

    Zanza Active Member

    Should just kill himself for real.
  10. Grossenschwamm

    Grossenschwamm New Member

    He tried to contact me last night via skype before I went to bed. I was (and still am) too sick to converse with him. Though I genuinely hope this was a stunt, as I don't really wish harm on anyone, regardless of personality quirks. Hell, I don't even need to wish harm on anyone if karma's real.
    I know what it's like to want death.
  11. DarkFool

    DarkFool New Member

    Meh. Waste of internets.

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