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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by magikot, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. magikot

    magikot New Member

    I know it's been suggested or asked before, but is there a way to implement automatic thread locking (or even thread purging) for non-stickied threads over 1 yr old? Given HWLFP's recent actions, I would ask something like this be implemented soon.

    Also, concerning HWLFP, can a mod/admin just ban any and all accounts from him immediately? DE stated that he has a dynamic IP so it's hard or impossible to IP ban him, but he needs to stop being given chances or the benefit of the doubt. He's proven time and again that he doesn't deserve it. I haven't been an active member here all that long, but I've seen no less than 4 of his accounts banned because of his childish, rude, disruptive, and attention-seeking antics.
  2. Grakelin

    Grakelin New Member

    By the way guys:


    Like, seriously, what the fuck. When did this place turn into a Troll daycare? I thought this forum was full of right wing Republican types who like talking about how criminals can't be rehabilitated and why we should enforce the death penalty at all times.
  3. Arthgon

    Arthgon Active Member

    True, I am actually really surprised that this is happing in a right-wing republican place where is no place for mercy for low-life criminals who are born to fried like HWLFP. The adm and mods has to do something about this.
  4. Grossenschwamm

    Grossenschwamm New Member

    Maybe you guys are right. I talked to the guy, I haven't laughed better in months. But he's probably not forum appropriate. :/
  5. Charonte

    Charonte Member

    Even with dynamic IP's they share a common suffix - you *could* ban all of those, but then you run the risk of preventing another member who has the same provider and hence same suffix from accessing the forum.

    I'm pretty confident phpbb2 atleast has the ability to move all threads older than a certain date into a subforum which could be locked to prevent posting. It might even support locking them outright (it's been a while, I can't quite remember) which would probably be the better option.

    Between doing that, blocking his IP has best as possible and blocking a tonne of proxies one would hope that HWLFP can't return. Blocking proxies is a little extreme but at this stage I don't see another option.

    I agree though, something needs to be done about it.
  6. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    Autolocking threads wouldn't accomplish much. He would just gravedig threads less than a year old, or whatever we set the limit to.

    I'll look into the proxy locking though. I just hope it doesn't mean that another member ends up as collateral damage because of it.

    Honestly, can't help to wonder what sort of issues this guy suffers from.
  7. Jungle Japes

    Jungle Japes Active Member

    Sorry to disappoint, but I don't intend to waste any more time shouting him down. Might as well bitch at a toddler for shitting on himself.
  8. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    Probably the best course of action. Remember that the guy wants attention, whether it's praise or scold doesn't matter to him.

    Well, given his demeanor one could probably argue quite successfully that he gets off on negative attention.
  9. Grakelin

    Grakelin New Member

    No, I'm referring to posts like this one where people responded to my queries as to why he hadn't been banned yet with "He really looks like he's turned a new leaf".
  10. Grossenschwamm

    Grossenschwamm New Member

    You're right, people run out of chances.
  11. DarkFool

    DarkFool New Member

    I've been deleting his threads lately, unless he did a particularly good job trolling. If he's going to be a good troll, I've no problem with him. I can't tolerate a poor troll though. If you're going to do it, you should do it properly.

    I'd rather we didn't institute a ban on proxies and such, as that has the potential to block out legitimate members. It will, however, be discussed. I'm quite content to just educating him to be a good troll through deleting and banning his more stupid accounts.

    You can take the troll out of the forum, but you can't take the forum out of the troll.

    ...if you don't think that makes sense, you obviously don't know my history here. :)
  12. Charonte

    Charonte Member

    Honestly, I think he's had his chance at 're-education' and fucked that up badly enough.

    If you're happy to continue deleting his accounts then that's fine, but I'd rather not see half the forum deleted because of his gravedigging. There's a lot of history and useful info here.
  13. Arthgon

    Arthgon Active Member

    You can always delete those posts that came through his gravedigging, so that its returning to its original place, and the useful history and informations are saved.
  14. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    That's what I'm thinking of doing. A quick glance at the IP's he uses reveals that banning his entire IP range would mean the banning of millions of people. I'd rather just ban him IP by IP and fight a war of attrition until he finally leaves this place. It's less work banning an IP than creating a new account, after all.
  15. DarkFool

    DarkFool New Member

    That's what I do. I've been splitting his gravedigs into new threads (since usually there's a fistful of posts on them before I can respond), and then deleting those threads.
  16. TheDavisChanger

    TheDavisChanger New Member

    Like Grossenschwamm, I found RodneyDale's presence here more amusing than disruptive but never once mistook his contributions as anything other than trolling. I would not go so far as to say that his posts were shining examples of trolling, and the community as a whole seems to be pretty much against RodneyDale's antics and I support that.
    I am pleased to hear this. I was concerned that an account creator might be able to outpace a banner and then The House would be fighting a losing battle. Reactive measures such as banning a disruptive member on a per-instance basis is preferable to anticipatory measures such as banning an IP range that might affect genuine applicants.
  17. The_Bob

    The_Bob New Member

    I think it's better split the gravedigging posts into the vault of folly. The old threads just pop back into their place in history while the new posts may serve as a warning for potential gravediggers. You could just link gravediggers to the vault nowadays, there they can find all the insults they will need to understand their mistake.

    Also, RodneyDale was a fun troll to watch, you should have let him go at it for a while longer before banning the fucker.
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  19. Zanza

    Zanza Active Member

    Too cowardly to do it properly hey?
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