d20 Modern Plague World Discussion.

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Forum' started by Arthgon, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. Arthgon

    Arthgon New Member

    Some years ago, I wanted to start this campaign, but alas, I did not had the time then. That's why I am start it now here.

    Background Story in short: Aliens invade the Earth, but mess it up. In the wake of the vast bio-engineered mutagenic plague unleashed by the invaders to wipe out Earth's civilization, the aliens themselves succumb to their own weapons and degenerate into mindless beasts. Meanwhile, the heroes, soldiers put in suspended animation at the start of the war, awake to a world blown back to the Iron Age.

    Here is the full story about this campaign called Plague World.

    You are all members of the Rip Van team who begins to start emerging from cold sleep after three hundred years in a secret bunker, (that was build in secret by the government) as a Rip Van team.

    Occupations: All

    Nationalities: All.

    Just tell me if I am missing something here.
  2. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    How do you intend to play it?
  3. Arthgon

    Arthgon New Member

    Okay, now everyone has to make his or her own characters (Just like any other RPG.)

    1) Name

    2) Gender

    3) Nationality

    4) Occupation*

    5) Background History

    6) Personality

    7) Equipment

    8 ) Age

    *Now that I think more it, perhaps it is better that all the character are members of the Rip Van team, then it will be easier. Therefore, you can have any occupations that you want to use.

    Like I said, You are all members of the Rip Van team who begins to start emerging from cold sleep after three hundred years in a secret bunker(that was build in secret by the government).

    It will start when you all began to awake from cold sleep after three hundred years, and heard a sirene that the bunker is breached.

    My character:

    Name: Saya Bido
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Japanese
    Occupation: Martial Artist
    Background History: She was born in Tokyo at full moon.

    The rest comes later.

    PS: They can explore the world, try to bring the civilization back, searching for Alien Artifacts, plunder towns, or go and destroying the Aliens.
  4. Grakelin

    Grakelin New Member

    I'm familiar with the setting from the d20 Modern Apocalypse sourcebook. Reflecting DElf's question, how do you intend to play it? Are we using the d20 modern rules or what?
  5. Arthgon

    Arthgon New Member

    That will the d20 Modern Rules.
    Major Update:

    9) Choose a Base Class
    Strong Hero, Fast Hero, Tough Hero, Dedicated Hero, Smart Hero, Charismatic Hero.

    10) Skills

    11) Feats

    I am not sure yet, about the Advanced Classes. Advanced classes yes or no?
  6. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    So if we're using D20 modern rules, are we then making attack rolls when in combat etc? Who's in charge of rolling the dice? For rules to be enforced we are in dire need of a DM, preferably someone who can resist the urge to fudge the rolls.
  7. rroyo

    rroyo New Member

  8. Arthgon

    Arthgon New Member

    If anyone wants to use making attack rolls when in combat etc, yes.

    rroyo: Thanks. Wow, this program is cool, because I do not have to use any real dices anymore, (I am probably one of the few who still used his real dices...yes, I am a bit old-fashioned.) and it is cheat-proof.
  9. rroyo

    rroyo New Member

    Glad I could help. :)
  10. Arthgon

    Arthgon New Member

    Now I do have some questions:

    1) Who wants to do some DM-ing with me? Perhaps you want to help with the dices, or with some other stuff.

    2) Advanced Classes, Yes or No?

    3) Mutations, Yes, or No?

    4) Who's in?
  11. Grakelin

    Grakelin New Member

    My favorite die roller is this one, which is impossible to fudge. I use it myself as a DM for an online Mutants and Masterminds game.

    I'm not sure if I want to be in or not, though. You don't seem quite prepared to actually DM this. I could DM it for everybody on the condition that

    A) Everybody at least gets the opportunity to make their own character sheet if they so choose. Along with a point buy system.

    B) I get an extent of creative control over the story.

    As a general rule, DMs should not have a PC character, because it interferes with their non-biasability. But I guess that is your call.
  12. Arthgon

    Arthgon New Member

    Okay, fine with me, because I think I am a bit rusty.

    Yes, I agree. Would you agree if I let you all the characters start with the level five, because to begin this campaign with level 1 is a bit too low?

    Ouch, I will try to make the best of it. (I never used that feature as a DM or Player.)

    That is fine with me. We could both have a creative control over the story.

    I totally agree with that.

    So who is in?
  13. Grakelin

    Grakelin New Member

    Level five is fine, assuredly. I like a point buy system for D20 games for balance reasons. In August-ish I was playing an 8 or 9 player D&D game, and my Bard was left out to dry (that, and I had to put up with people whining about how I picked a Gnome Bard instead of a Half-Orc Barbarian or something, even though I saved everybody's life multiple times with my gatorade, always knew everything because of Knowledge checks until the kinda subpar DM stopped letting me roll them, and was the only one with tactical prowess beyond "Just Charge Blindly") because I got three 11s, two twelves, and a 16 as rolls, while my teammates got 14s, 15s, and 16s across the board. I had a lot of HP, though.

    If you don't like the point buy system, that's okay. It's just the most balanced choice, is all.
  14. Xiao_Caity

    Xiao_Caity New Member

    I would play if we were using almost any system OTHER than d20 Modern. It's not my favourite system...

    I totally need to run a Blue Rose game for y'all though.
  15. Arthgon

    Arthgon New Member

    Perhaps it is time for me to try this point buy system for d20 games for once. This is going be my first time that I am going to use this, because I never used that feature as a DM or Player. The only question that I have is: Are the players who (m) will use this feature strong enough or are they underpowered?

    How can it be more interesting for you to play this? What about:

    1) Using the Mutations feature. Everyone will get 5 points to use for mutations.

    2) A mixture of the d20 Modern system and some other system?

    3) Something else.
  16. Xiao_Caity

    Xiao_Caity New Member

    Okay, allow me to rephrase. d20 Modern is not my favourite system and I have yet to discover a d20 Modern campaign outside of Urban Arcana that attracts my attention. Besides, like I said, I need to plan a Blue Rose session for you guys, preferably involving skeletons and talking frogs.
  17. Arthgon

    Arthgon New Member

    That's okay Xiao. Are there anyone else, who wants to join this d20 Modern Plague World Compaign? It will be DM-ed by Grakelin (I will be the stand-in.)
  18. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    I just hope I die in the most creative way possible.
  19. Arthgon

    Arthgon New Member

    Okay, that’s a deal. You will get the chance to die in the end by the most creative way possible. (Do you always want to get killed in any RPG games?)

    PS: Hey, I suddenly noticed that I am a Nasrudin's Apprentice.
  20. Dark Elf

    Dark Elf Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I guess we should be doing something about that.

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