Any mods that adjust magick/tech?

Discussion in 'Module Discussion' started by Question, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Question

    Question New Member

    Seeing as how most magick spells are pointless and most weapons/tech schematics are useless, are there any mods that help to fix this problem?
  2. rroyo

    rroyo New Member

    Besides the Dark Magick hack and the rebalanced weapons hack - which are just add-ons - I can't recall hearing of a mod or module that does fix the problem properly.

    AWIP made a small start in that direction with adjusted magic and the beefed-up protos from Car-Arcanum, but never really got too far into it.
  3. EBM

    EBM New Member

    There's the Magick Restoration Pack, which replaces some spells. The first post in that thread is outdated, but more info is available here. I haven't actually tried it, though, as I generally do my own modding.

    Tech-wise, I can't think of any offhand. You could grab the Arcanum Weapon Factory to adjust weapons as you like, though. Marvelous little program and quite simple to use.

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